A Review of Some of the Alaska Flyfishing Lodges in the South Central Region

Are you a fly fishing enthusiast? If you haven’t already been in Alaska for fly fishing, I will recommend that you seriously consider going there. Alaska is a beautiful region of USA with a nature that radiates power so strong that you have to experience it to really understand what I am talking about.

Of course you need a place to stay during your fly fishing vacation. Alaska has some of the most exciting fly fishing lodges for the fishing lovers. Alaska fly fishing lodges have a lot of facilities available for such people. These lodges are spread over the South Central and the South East regions. You can stay in these lodges and then go for the charter trips arranged by several fishing tour companies for fishing salmon, halibuts, as well as rainbow fishing.

As examples of fly fishing lodges in the south central region of Alaska, I will mention The Wilderness Place Lodge by the Alaska Adventure Company, Alaska Rainbow Lodge, and Angler’s Alibi. This places are famous for the custom spin and fly-fishing trips. The lodges have private cabins and gourmet cuisine. Personal guides are also available for you.

Some of the log lodges are located right on the rivers that provide an excellent place for outing. It is also possible to search on the internet for more details on plans and schedules available for fishing.

The remote streams of Katmai are used for fishing and hence you are sure to explore this region. For every two guest they provide a guide so that you get a personalized attention. All the accessories necessary for fly fishing are provided to the fishermen. Food, liquor, airplanes, and boat are also provided in addition to guidance and lodging.

One of the popular Alaska fly fishing lodge in the south central region is the Angler’s Alibi. This is located in a remote fishing area of the Alagnak River. Could you imagine the fishing opportunities available when statistics reveal that more than 4 million salmons went up the river? This lodge is located adjacent to the Katmai National Park and can be accessed by floatplane.

Some of the fishes that you can expect to catch during you fishing camp are Silver & pink salmon, Sockeye, Chum, and King Salmon, Trophy Rainbow trout and grayling. Most of the tour companies will provide their customers excellent guides for their charter trips. It is possible to check out their websites for more details on the internet as well as from off line catalogs and directories. There are many such lodges in this region. A simple search on the web will give you the information you need.

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