Fishing is an Extravagant Profession

Together with cooking and first aid, fishing is a secondary profession in WoW and is said to be a hard one to level up. Up to the Burning Crusade expansion, fishing wasn’t even appreciated as a very useful profession. With the new cooking recipes that had a major impact on the improvement of your character in a raid, fishing has become a very useful and valued profession.

With Wrath of The Lich King Expansion, value of fishing is appreciated even more. There is a completely new achievement system that makes leveling secondary professions very fun, new fishing daily quests and new buff-rich recipes that are further increasing popularity of fishing.

A player who manages to complete all of the achievements in fishing will be awarded with a title “Salty”, which is considered as one of the more difficult ones to earn, and with not many players wearing it.

To get to the title you must finish some fishing achievements like Chasing Marcia, The Coin Master and Master Angler of Stranglethorn. One will also have to complete ‘Chasing Marcia’ achievement that consists of completing five daily fishing quests in Dalaran, catching different schools of fish in various zones and many more.

Not only that fishing is a useful profession, it is a very profitable profession as well. You can level up fishing without leveling the cooking, however, these two match each other perfectly so it would be advised to level them both up.

How to earn gold from fishing?

The answer to this question is easy – you can earn gold by selling fish! You can just go to certain areas on the map and find fishing spots and just fish. Just by selling the raw fish on the AH you can earn a lot of gold.

It will be even more profitable if you have cooking leveled up as well, as you will be able to sell finished food. There are a lot of recipes that involve fish and this kind of food is especially nice because it increases stats such as spell power, stamina, spirit, hit, crit and haste rating, attack power, strength, agility, etc.

There is a special food for hunters’ pets and for the whole raid – Fish Feast. This special feast is made from different sorts of fish found in Northrend and Northern Spices, which you can get with the cooking dailies found in Dalaran.

The Fish Feast is an universal raid buff, where every class will get a considerable increase of the specific stat they rely on, as it provides +40 stamina, +80 attack power and + 46 spell power all-in-one buff, lasting for one hour.

We can say with certainty that fishing is very useful and that together with cooking it belongs to the professions that can boost your character as well as your friends and guildies. However, anybody who ever tried or leveled fishing can tell you that leveling of this wonderful profession goes slower than with any other.

When it comes to fishing equipment, you need to have a fishing pool and lures which are used to increase your skill, and of course, a good fishing spot. Apart from that, just as in the real life, it will require a lot of patience as well. The process of fishing goes slow since you need to wait a few seconds for a fish to bite.

If you just started leveling fishing don’t give up straight away. Take your time, and keep in mind that with this profession you shouldn’t be in a rush and that by doing daily quests you will also gain a lot on your skill. Be patient and you’ll see that it will be easier and more fun with the dailies.

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