Looking For A Good World Of Warcraft Profession? Try Fishing

World of Warcraft is in many perspectives not that different from other massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) but there is a small difference, World of Warcraft characters can choose a profession, they can even choose multiple professions. Like in other MMORPGs, characters are customizable, you can choose many things like races, classes, armor, weapons and much more. But World of Warcraft was the first game where you can choose a profession, like fishing.

Fishing is a, so called, secondary profession, you can’t make much gold with it but it is very rewarding in many different ways, You just need to find a fishing zone and start, and you can catch more than just fish. Usually you will catch raw fish which you can eat directly or which can be cooked. Cooked fish often will provide you with useful effects when you eat it. but you can also catch herbs, gems, equipment and fish related items. Some of these items you can sell because they are valuable for spell casters and others like the fishing items are just very useful to have around.

And we almost forget the most important part, fishing is very fun to learn, just like in real live you need to spend some time learning to angle, but when you get the hang of right clicking on the bobber when it makes a dip and you catch your first fishes its like playing a mini game in world of warcraft.

Getting started with World of Warcraft Fishing

When you want to start practicing with fishing you need a trainer, you can find them standing near a lake or stream, but you can always ask around if someone can lead you to one. Learning to fish also requires a zone, your teacher will lead you to a good spot to learn. After you have learned all you can learn from your trainer you need to find a fishing pole of your own, poles can be purchased from trade merchants and you can also check the auction houses for them.

Your characters level can be increased when you go fishing at special zones, some zones need a specific level before you can fish there. Then you use certain equipment or lures. You can find this special equipment, gifts and bonuses in schools of fish.

Every Sunday there is a tournament which is named “the Stranglehorn Fishing Extravaganza”, the goal of this tournament is to search for schools of Tastyfish. These can be sold for silver, and you can also catch some other rare fish in the Tastyfish schools, this is an addition to the prizes that are available for the fishers of the Stranglehorn Fishing Extravaganza. The players lure needs to land exactly inside the school of fish to catch a one. The first player who catches 40 Tastyfish wins the tournament.

World of Warcraft Fishing is a wonderful profession, its fun, not to difficult, relaxing and challenging. You should have fish to eat so you can increase your health and also gain some other extra points.

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