Fish Oil and Inflammation – Can Omega 3 From Fish Oil Help Relieve the Pain of Arthritis?

Studies on fish oil and inflammation look so promising they actually make arthritis sufferers smile in the midst of all the pain. Actually, the studies are nothing new. Scientists have been looking at this angle for many years now in the hope of reducing the patients’ dependence on chemically pain killers.

Inflammation is, in fact, a normal reaction of the body, a defense mechanism so to speak. It occurs as the white blood cells adhere to the interior walls of the blood vessels. There are many factors that can bring this about, and which are made worse by the abundance of Omega-6 fatty acids in the diet.

In most instances, inflammation comes with pain of a certain degree. In the case of arthritis, for instance, the pain can be intense or excruciating. Fish oil can help relieve the pain somehow by reducing the inflammation.

How does it do that? Fish oil has Omega-3 fatty acids that contain EPA and DHA. These are essential fat needed by the body to carry out normal bodily functions. DHA, in particular, converts into Resolvin D2, a substance that when it comes across the interior walls of the blood vessels produce nitric oxide which inhibits the white blood cells from sticking to the walls of the blood vessels, thus preventing or reducing inflammation.

It goes without saying, load up on fish oil and inflammation size is expected to reduce. But that would mean eating fish every day, would it not? Well, not necessarily as fish oil now comes in the form of supplements. Fish supplements are actually much safer than eating fish because of the dangers of contaminants like mercury and lead. Besides, you may not really like the idea of eating fish on a daily basis. Lots of people do not like the taste of fish even though it’s healthier than meat.

That said, it only makes buying fish oil supplements more justifiable. However, you must be cautioned that not all fish supplements are the same. Just because you find one at a cheaper price does not mean that you have gotten yourself a good deal. You can have a sea of choices when it comes to health supplements, so be very particular with your choice. Choose those supplements that come from the Hoki or Tuna fish swimming in the clean waters of New Zealand, are molecularly distilled and contain high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA, and you have got in your hands a real winner.

Fish oil has a lot more benefits than you might have thought of. Besides reducing inflammation, it has also been found to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improve mental health (yes, there are people who can attest that it improves memory and keeps them more focused), and aid in weight loss treatments. Would you believe, it has also been thought to benefit patients with ADHD and thyroid problems? The benefits do not end there.

To experience the wonders of fish oil, ask your doctor about fish oil and inflammation

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