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Have you ever watched one of those televised shows that show the fabulous fishing available in Canada, (or also known as the “Great White North) & wondered, can that really be true? Can the fish actually be so huge? Can the scenery be so spectacular?

It IS true!

From the eastern shores of the Maritime Provinces to the vast wooded tract of coastline on the west shores of British Columbia, Canada offers fishing that is so abundant & unspoiled, that anglers from around the globe visit each year, then subsequently return year after year.

All Provinces offer fishing that is unique to them, yet all are connected by a common theme, & that’s the huge expanses of almost undiscovered lakes & rivers in the northern regions.

Look at the Province of Ontario, 95% of its population reside in the lower regions that account for maybe 10% of its land mass. What’s in the other 90%?

Huge, crystal clear, lakes & rivers. Thousands of them! And all full of fish.

Whether one is looking for a weekend retreat that’s accessible with your family car, or the “trip of a lifetime”, a visit to a remote northern lake accessible only by float plane, this province offers it all.

Compare that to the even larger expanse of the Nunavut. Here’s a Territory that sits almost entirely north of the 60th parallel, & has almost all it’s regions inaccessible by roads. There simply are none!

But the fishing! Home to more IGFA records than any other fresh water region in the WORLD!

Did you know the NWT is home to the 5th largest body of fresh water on the globe?

Great Bear Lake is 500 miles north of Yellowknife & the closest permanent road is some 300 miles away? Almost 12,500 square miles of crystal clear water, that’s under ice for all but, maybe 100 days a year. Water so cold, that fish grow so slowly they can be 60-80 years old.

Then consider this.

There’s only one community on this lake. Maybe 500 people, tops! Four Fishing Lodges, over 280 miles of lake between one & the next closest! Ice free for just a couple of months, these fishing lodges can operate only 2 short months a year. Total capacity between them all is maybe 160 fishermen at a time, scattered over 12,500 square miles!

Also, consider Great Slave Lake. Situated some 300 miles south of Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake is almost as large an expanse of water, almost as isolated, but has the convenience of a bustling frontier type city, situated right on its shores.
Yellowknife, the territory capital is also the “hub” for many of the remote northern lakes & fishing lodges, as it’s serviced by a modern airport, with frequent & daily scheduled flights connecting it with more southern cities, or as the northerners call it, “the outside”

With stats like these, do you think these fishing lodges can offer a unique fishing experience?

You bet, there’s no other place quite like it.

Why not treat yourself, & plan on a wonderful “trip of a lifetime”.

Check out what Canada has to offer at Canada Fishing Lodge.

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