What You Need To Know about Bass Fishing Tournaments

Bass fishing tournament and expeditions are some of the most challenging but most rewarding experiences an angler will have. There are hundreds of tournaments that take place surrounding the country. Depending on the type of fish you plan to get, your location and just how skilled you are, there is likely to be some sort of fishing tournament available to you. If you want to be a part of the largest bass fishing tournaments out there, you have to have skill and know how. You also have to have a bit of luck in landing the largest, best bass in the location.

In order to get involved in bass fishing tournaments, most people begin as amateurs fishing with a pro in order to get experience and exposure to learn the ropes. Others focus on memberships to organizations and clubs that sponsor their own bass fishing tournaments in order to get a foot in the door.

The following is a list of the best known bass fishing tournaments:

* The Bassmaster Classic: Known as the biggest and best of all bass fishing tournaments, the classic is the most well known tournament in the sport of bass fishing for more than thirty years. This event is bass fishing’s only world championship to be held once a year, and has a purse of $500,000.

* The Bassmaster Elite Series: Eleven events comprise bass fishing’s most fiscally rewarding competitive fishing tournament series. A combined purse of almost $11,000,000 is a tremendous motivation for bass fishermen everywhere. This series is held coast to coast in all seasons and bass fishing conditions, and is exactly as its name implies – a stage for the best and brightest bass fishermen in the world.

* The Bass Master Opens is an opportunity for amateurs to show what they have to offer as future pros. There are two divisions (Southern and Central) with a schedule of three events each. This competition is open to boaters and non boaters alike, and allows amateurs a chance to advance to the Bass Master Elite.

* Women’s Bassmaster Tour has a payout of in excess of $640,000 and includes a fully rigged Triton boat which is worth approximately $50,000.

These tournaments are open only to current members of B.A.S.S. Tournament contestants must be at least sixteen years old, and must have competed in all the elite series events in which they were eligible (unless they have approval from the director to miss an event) all applicable fees must be paid as directed by the rules and regulations, an angler code of conduct must be obeyed, tournament waters must remain off limits for the thirty days preceding the event, and further rules and regulations must be strictly adhered to for tournament competition.

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