Enjoy Your Time Getting a Prize Fish when you go Fishing in Sitka Alaska

Probably one of the best fishing spots in the world right now is Sitka Alaska. Many people consider Sitka as a premier saltwater fishing spots. And it definitely deserves the recognition. It has many different varieties of fishes in its waters. Tourists would also love the place for its great views. If you want to enjoy fishing and the great outdoors, fishing in Sitka Alaska is definitely the way to go for you.


One of the best species of fish that you could get here in Sitka is Salmon. There are two common varieties in Sitka, King Salmon and Silver Salmon. Many people consider these as prize fishes, so they are very sought-after.


If you want to catch salmon, there are some things that you should definitely remember. Salmon prefer cloudy water with some algae. They usually don’t like exposing themselves, so they want to have some cover. You could find great catches of salmon in slightly cloudy waters. If you want to have a great catch, try to find a place where the water is not as clear. There may be dozens of salmon hiding under the murky waters, and some of them may be big enough to be considered as a trophy fish.


When you want to have a lot of action on your fishing trips, you should definitely go fishing for salmon. Silver Salmon fights back hard, and even King salmon manage to put up a good fight. When fishing in Sitka Alaska, you should definitely keep an eye on your line. Otherwise, you might just lose the fish that you were dreaming to catch.


When you fish in Sitka, you could also get to catch other varieties of fishes. Many people come back to the place for the great catches of halibut. On usual fishing trips, it is easy to catch halibut that would weigh around 50 or 60 pounds. If you are quite lucky though, you could even get to catch better specimens.


On better days, you might even get to catch halibut that would weigh as much as 100 pounds. They are pretty abundant especially in the deep waters of Sitka’s seas. Some people have even caught halibut that is over 300 pounds. Many people keep coming back to Sitka just to get a chance in catching a very heavyweight halibut.


Most people don’t consider fishing in Sitka Alaska because of the distance involved. If you live from the other states, you would really have to find some place to stay for your nights in Sitka. For the travelling fishermen, there are many fishing lodges in Sitka. These lodges offer many amenities and features that could compare with the best inns, so you could be assured that you can rest well on your stay in Sitka.


If you really want to enjoy your fishing experience, you should definitely go fishing in Sitka Alaska. You can get to catch a great selection of fishes. Not only that, you could also get to enjoy the marvelous views and sceneries that abound in Sitka.



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