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Fishing is one of the oldest activities known to man. Archaeologists have found ancient dumps of shell and bone, cave paintings depicting fishing and even hooks made from bone. There is even a theory that states we might be closer to the fish we try and catch than we think. The “Aquatic Ape Hypothesis” contends that human beings spent a time living by and catching their food from the shallows of lakes and oceans. The controversial theory contends years of living that helped us to look different from the apes and chimpanzees thought by some to be our ancestors because of this time evolving by water.

So, is there a best time to be fishing? I know, I know, the best time to be fishing is “anytime we can”, but are there times during the day, week, and/or month that are better than others for fishing? There most certainly are, and in this article I’m going to discuss what makes this the case. Many anglers catch many less fish than they should simply because they are fishing at the wrong time.
The best time to be fishing has a lot to do with two factors of Mother Nature. That’s right Mother Nature, rather than your bait or lures choice, holds the key to the best time to be fishing. Most anglers don’t realize this and completely take Mother Nature for granted, at least as far as fishing is concerned. Well, not after reading this article.

After reading this article, you’ll be much more able to determine the best time to be fishing. Texas offers a lot of fishing clubs where people who have the passion for fishing can try their hand out.

There are also various tournaments where fishing is played as a sport to figure out the fishers skills as such and tournament money makes the event bigger and better.
Websites offer details about the fishing tournaments, events, fishing techniques, materials, and lots more to keep fishing on the faster note.

Tired of not catching anything? Spend lots of time and money trying to catch fish? No doubt, there is a lot of information on Texas fishing available. These sites are a way to know when to fish in Texas according to theories behind sun and moon phases. Based on research by fishermen who studied the sun theory has come up with four optimum moments in any given day? Data clearly points to sun rise, sun set, moon rise and moon set as the most important factors. The simple rise and set of both the sun and moon has far more impact than any other daily sun or moon position. That is the single most important daily triggering factor of both fish and game.

By using this Texas Prime Times fishing calendar and feeding tables, you can optimize your fishing time to have the best conditions and most favorable chances of catching bigger fish. This will help you save time and money by fishing at the right time, making your trips more meaningful.

A special breed of angler flocks to this nook of the world, where fishing lore is born. Texas fishing legend is home to great bass fishing. Texas’s fishing bounty is so rich it continues to feed many nearby states.

Every fisherman dreams of the day he or she can make the pilgrimage to the fabled Texas Fishing Mecca. Living your Texas fishing guide dream doesn’t have to wait any longer. It’s more affordable than you realize
When sport fishermen mention the best, they are talking about Texas Bass Fishing. It’s pole-busting, reel screaming, line-burning action…angler vs. fish…no-holds-barred, heart-pounding excitement.

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