Experience The Excitement Of Alaska Salmon Fishing

Without argument one of the most well known areas for anglers that want to land that record breaking fish is in the cold, northern waters of the most northerly of the US states. Alaska salmon fishing, in the rivers, lakes and the ocean on the western side of the state are world renowned for their excellent salmon fishing and the huge number and variety of fish that exist in the waters.

Hot Spots for Salmon

Literally waterways in Alaska will have some type of salmon species that are native to the location, but there are some areas that are particularly known for their trophy-sized salmon of various types. Below is a general list of the body of water and the type and size of salmon that are typically for the area and body of water.

Kenai Peninsula and River one of the most famous of all the Alaska salmon fishing hot spots, the Kenai Peninsula and river are home to several varieties including King Salmon, Chinook, Silver and Sockeye or Red salmon. Typically the variety of salmon will have different weights but the fish in this area may range in size from 25 to 90 pounds for mature adults.

Golsovia River, on the edge of the of the Bering Sea this is a quiet yet highly productive area of the Alaska salmon fishing tour area, renowned for not only salmon but also for Artic Char fishing opportunities. The salmon species that are found in this area include Chum, Pink, Silver and King salmon. The best time for fishing in this area is June to August, with most guests easily reaching their limit and then using a catch and release program to continue to enjoy the fishing experience.

Sitka – this area of Alaska has always been known for its fishing opportunities. There is a limit on King salmon at one per day or three annually, but there is no annual limit on Silver salmon, also known as Coho, and a six per day catch restriction. Sitka is one of the larger cities in Alaska so it makes an idea base point for families that are going on Alaska salmon fishing trips.

Yentna River – one of the most popular fresh water salmon fishing systems, there are a variety of creeks, rivers and tributaries that are excellent to fish for several varieties of Alaska salmon. Fishing can be done by boat, off the shore or even by nets with the proper licensing and depending on the time of year. The varieties of salmon that can be caught in this area include King, Silver, Sockeye, Pink and Chum. Typically salmon are fished using spin or fly-fishing methods in these waterways.

Alaska salmon fishing offers breathtaking scenery in largely pristine and untouched areas. Many of the locations, especially the remote fishing lodges require fly in access to the lodges, but also provide the best opportunities to fish areas where there is a largely untouched salmon population. Alaska salmon fishing has its peak seasons between July and August when the weather is relatively warm and there is ample daylight for long hours of fishing enjoyment.

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