Centurion fishing charters with Reefari Mothershipping!! Slideshow!!

http://www.reefari.com Here’s a great slideshow of some great fish caught on our recent Mothershipping charter to Eaton/Denton & Trogibee reef. Awesome locat…

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11 thoughts on “Centurion fishing charters with Reefari Mothershipping!! Slideshow!!”

  1. Trips start from $1760 for a 4 day/night trip, Send an email through our website with dates out for 2013, Top Stuff, Our mothershipping charters are usually 5 days/nights, and even better fishing specialising in the deeper reefs and shoals, and Big reds!!
    cheers Greg

  2. Awesome trip, Dates are for 25th Sep — 30th Sept Eaton/Denton Reefs and 25th Oct — 30th Oct 5 Days/nights or the Hardline reefs. Please send an email through our website and heaps more info. This was a Hardline trip,
    Cheers Greg

  3. Wow Some awesome fish there! Where can i find the dates for 2013 mothershipping charters?

  4. Got some real Crackers, 4 in one drift, A great double header and heaps more, about a dozen in two hours, Was pretty awesome,
    Cheers Greg

  5. Thanks, Check out our Mothershipping charters, best fishing!! and dates out now for 2013,
    Cheers Greg

  6. There is some horse Red’s in there Greg and so many different species! Loving the slideshow mate!

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