2012 Craig, Alaska Fishing Adventure

Saltwater Fishing in Craig, Alaska.
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http://www.nathab.com/photo-tours/alaska-northern-lights/grizzlies-photo-tour/ wolves have learned to fish for salmon by watching coastal brown bears. Filmed…
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23 thoughts on “2012 Craig, Alaska Fishing Adventure”

  1. I was wondering if there are any tour guides that I can go backpacking with to see the wolves in Alaska. If there isn’t, what are some trails or backpacking were they are mostly seen?

  2. Not an Alaskan coyote. Especially the further up north you go, the larger they get. They have been known to get up to five feet in length (about the size of a normal grey wolf in the 48) Then there’s the fact that most coyotes here are actually wolf hybrids. The hybrids usually look like giant coyotes. From this “wolf’s” appearance, it’s more then likely actually a mix between a wolf and a coyote then an actual wolf.

  3. Coyotes live everywhere in Alaska, as far south as Juneau and just barely into the arctic region. They’re more common in the forests, especially the rivers. They don’t live near road systems, and even if a coyote does build a den near a road, AWCC will relocate them. This “wolf’s” posture, tail, build, and head all look like a coyotes, not a wolf. The only thing wolfish about it is it’s size, but Alaskan coyotes are known to get pretty large.

  4. Well thank you for your concern. I usually am, but I refer you to the nature of the comment I replied to (which was incidentally by a woman). I was simply responding in kind.

  5. Come on bud,no need to call the man stupid,most folks don’t understand what a wolf looks like after a complete summer shed of there winter fir.I’m just saying no need to insult in my opinion,just educate ’em.

  6. Excellent – and the coyote comment must be a goof, just to get reactions, either way, if the guy doesn’t know the difference he never will.

  7. You must live in a city,buddy that is straight up a wolf and no way does this wolf slink around like a coyotes.I have raised wolves and live in coyote,black bear country.I don’t mean to embarrass you bud but your are wrong,please don’t ever hunt your own meat as you’ll end up killing another animal wrongly.

  8. Guys Why do you argue without knowledge?! whoever says those are coyotes doesn’t really know wolves nor coyotes. Those wolves have their summer coat, That’s why not much fur. Coyotes have longer and thicker tails compared to their size. wolves’ tail would never touch the ground when walking straight. last but not least coyotes are way smaller and shorter than wolves. Now go and watch a couple of videos to clear the picture.
    Peace be upon you, Salam.

  9. That has to be one of the most amazing videos I’ve seen! Thank you so much for posting it. (and yes that is a wolf)

  10. Anyone that says that’s a coyote please don’t go deer hunting because you will probably shoot an elk…lol
    That is definitely a wolf ! Not a very big one but definitely a wolf !

  11. Slap those photos on a tshirt, and you’ll make a fortune selling them to hipsters all over the country. Awesome stuff.

  12. I could sit and watch these for hours! amazing 🙂 I bet it is hard to walk away from them always wondering if you are going to miss something as soon as your turn your back. Love the bear and wolf facing each other at 7:00!

  13. It’s not a wolf, it’s a coyote. The face tells the story. It also has the body of a coyote. Coyotes also have the tendency of slinking as they walk, wolves don’t.

  14. I grew up in the SW lots of coyotes, go to Yellowstone every year lots of wolves. This is a wolf hands down, anyone who says otherwise is ignorant. Oh and I have spent 25 years working with wildlife so yes I am an expert.

  15. Didnt see his Pics, he just told me about the wolf, and said she had a very successful catch rate.Glad you got it filmed and shared it.

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