2 Keeper Redfish Fishing in Florida

I went on a camping trip for my cousin Eden’s birthday in Jacksonville Florida and we stayed on Dutton Island Preserve for two nights. I went fishing with br…
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19 thoughts on “2 Keeper Redfish Fishing in Florida”

  1. Were you running your jet boat here? I am interested to hear how it performed in the salt marsh and on any flats you encountered.. The reason I ask is that I was going to get a jet outboard for my G3 1756 when I first moved to Jax so I could run the shallow creeks but all the locals said I was crazy! Now every time I drag my skeg over an oyster bed or even a sand bottom I cuss myself for not going with the jet. Great videos by the way!

  2. You are a true fisherman cause you have 7 that i can count of fishing poles and 1 man that is crazy

  3. Your truly a great fisherman. I see that you do your homework before you launch your boat… No matter were you go. I notice that you pull good ones out of the water…. I just got back from over seas and I really have learned alot from you.. You have taken your time in detailing your boat to be universal in any situation anywere possible… From your trolling motor to your main outboard…. I hope one day for the honer to cast a line next to you… Keep up the good work Clark

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