Lake Lanier Crappie Fishing

Lake Lanier can be found in the state of Georgia and is fed by the Chestatee River. Lake Lanier holds 38,000 acres of water and has a shoreline that stretches 692 miles long. It is sometimes referred to as Lake Sidney Lanier and it is an excellent place to go crappie fishing. One reason anglers have such great success here is because the water is perfect for catching crappie. This species of fish can be spooked very easily in clear water and so the stained water of Lake Lanier is a perfect environment for catching them.

Lake Lanier is one of Georgia’s main attractions and the crappie can be found mostly on the northern end of this lake. As the temperature of the water begins to warm up you will find the crappie in the shallow water located around docks, brush and other structures. You will get the best results when you fish around areas with plenty of shade. You will also find them grouped together near and in the major bends of the lake.

Many times you can search for docks that already have rod holders attached and you will know where other anglers have had good luck in the past. After a good rain the water in Lake Lanier is even darker than normal making it that much easier to catch the crappie. Many anglers that fish this lake regular say they have the best results when they use small minnows and jigs to fish for the crappie.

How to Catch Crappie in Lake Lanier

Catching crappie in Lake Lanier is fairly easy if you know where to look. The north end of the lake usually produces the best results when fishing for crappie. This is partly because the water is darker here so the number of crappie is greater in this area than in other part of the lake. The more abundant the crappie the better results you can expect.

Crappie is what anglers call line sensitive fish and so you will get the best results when you use four pound test line to fish for them. Of course, if you are fishing really close to structures you may want to go a little heavier to avoid breakage of your line from the structures. You should also use an ultralight fishing rod because these will help you feel when the crappie takes the bait. Spincasting and mini-baitcasting reels are the most popular ones to use.

Even though it seems like crappie are able to distinguish colors the water will distort the color of the lure you are using. Things like how deep the fish are located in the water, the temperature of the water and how clear the water is will all affect the color of the lures used. Many anglers have reported having the best luck when they use white, red or chartreuse lure for fishing in Lake Lanier. If you believe there is a school of crappie located in the area you are fishing but they are not taking your bait, try a different color to see if you get better results. The best weight to use seems to be ones weighing 1/32 ounce.

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