Crappie Fishing In Canada – A Description Of The Best Spots

Crappie fishing in Canada is some of the best that you will ever experience. There is no other place on earth quite like Canada.

It has so much more to offer the angler besides all the great places to go crappie fishing. Although, you will find that there are many places in Canada where the crappies are plentiful and the fishing is always excellent.

Anglers of all ages enjoy spending their time reeling in the crappie while taking pleasure in the beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer.

Crappies are a small species of fish that is easier to catch than many of the others types that are found in these waters such as the walleye or the bass. This is why they are such a great species for the novice angle.

Most of the time they are easy to reel in and don’t struggle very much so they are good for both young and old fishermen. However, occasionally they can be very aggressive and even put up quite a fight, which is why experienced anglers enjoy catching them as well.

Best Fishing Spots in Canada

There are many lakes and rives in Canada where the crappies are abundant so it is easy to find a great place to go fishing. There are so many lakes and rivers located throughout Canada that it would be impossible to name them all.

One excellent choice that is very popular where the crappie fishing is great is Rainy Lake. Here the crappie fishing is some of the best found anywhere in Canada and the surroundings are stunning. The best-known place to go crappie fishing in Canada is the Lake of the Woods. Here you will find some of the biggest crappie every caught and they are always plentiful.

In the spring and early summer months you can find the crappie along the shorelines, weeds and areas where the bottom of the water is muddy. When fishing these areas during this time of year on the Lake of the Woods you should use a small jig and drop it in the center of the strike zone.

Next, slowly pull it up to the top of the weeds or other structure. Then repeat the process a few times until the crappie start biting. Adding a minnow to the end of your jig may help you see a little more action since this is the crappies favorite food source.

In late summer and fall the crappie will begin to scatter out and move to the deeper water. This is a good time to use the technique of vertical jigging just off the bottom of the water where the crappie will be located.

Even winter is a good time to go crappie fishing in Canada on the Lake of the Woods. There are specific hot spots that will always produce tight schools of fish. You can get a map of the lake that will help you learn where these hot spots are so you can get a head start on reeling in the crappie or you can hire a guide service to help you out.

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