Crappie Fishing in Texas – How to Catch Crappie in Texas – Best Spots, Tactics, Tips

Crappie fishing is very popular in many states all across the nation and Texas is no exception. Crappies can be found gathered together in large groups called fish schools. Once you locate a school of crappie you should be able to reel in your limit fairly quickly. The lakes, rivers and reservoirs located in Texas provide the perfect environment that is excellent for crappie, which is one of the reasons this species of fish are so plentiful in this state.

When it comes to sport fishing in Texas, crappies are at the top of the list. The two species of crappie that are found in Texas waters are the black crappie and the white crappie. The black crappie is recognized by its darker color and the seven to eight spines that are located on their dorsal fin. They also have dark spots on their sides. The white crappies are lighter in color and have five to six spines on the dorsal fin. Instead of spots they have vertical stripes on their sides.

Crappies are part of the sunfish and black bass family. They are considered mature when they are about two years old and they can live up to eight years. When fishing for crappie in Texas you need to learn the rules and regulations that govern the state to make sure you are following all the rules. For instance, in the state of Texas the daily bag limit for how many crappies you are allowed to keep is twenty-five. The minimum statewide length is ten inches long. You will also find that some areas have seasonal regulations that you will need to learn as well.

Best Crappie Fishing Spots in Texas

The great thing about crappie fishing in Texas is the fact that this state is so large there are many hot spots where crappie fishing is excellent. You will find numerous lakes, ponds and rivers scattered throughout Texas that are full of crappie. In fact, you will find this species of fish in almost every body of water you visit in Texas.

Below is a list of a few of the Texas lakes were you can go fishing for crappie.

– Cooper Lake

– B.A. Steinhagen Lake

– Lake Caddo

– Lake Corpus Christi

– Belton Lake

– Lake Houston

– Eagle Mountain Lake

– Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir

– Lake Kemp

– Lake Waco

– Lake Granbury

– Stamford Reservoir

As mentioned above these are just a few of the many lakes and reservoirs located in Texas where you can have a lot of success crappie fishing. The state record for black crappie was caught in Lake Fork and Navarro Mills Lake is where the state record for white crappie was caught.

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