Bass Fishing Tournament – One of the Best Entertainments in Game Fishing

What is going on in a bass fishing tournament that makes people so happy about participating in these events so enthusiastically? There really are a plethora of reasons for why they are fun, and for those who have never been in one, no words can really describe the excitement in a closely run tournament. A tournament is actually a competition with cash, prizes and a lot of excitement. More than the money, it is the fierce competition that gives an unparalleled shot of adrenalin.

Bass fishing tournament – a million dollar industry

The fishing tournaments all over the world belong to a multi-billion industry; the bass fishing tournament being one of the popular fishing events the world over constitutes as a major percentage of that industry. For the organizers this event is a money spinner; for the participants it is paradise on earth, where one can enjoy their favorite pass time and get paid for it as well. Of course, there are competitions of who can fish more, or the biggest or largest and so on, but at the end of the day most of the fun is from the game itself and not the competition.

Being a winner in the bass fishing tournament

In order to be amongst the winners in the tournament (where you have both the money and the fun) you will need to be fast in orienting yourself in the location of the tournament. The faster you will familiarize yourself with the fishing spot the better would be your chances to catch the best fish. Remember the bass always needs three main things to survive: (i) cover, (ii) oxygen and (iii) food not necessarily in this order. You will have to find out the approximate location of the fish in the pre-fishing period of the tournament fast enough and then make your game plan. In case it is possible, fly over the area. It is extremely easy to spot the right location on the water from air.

The game plan in a bass fishing tournament

All tournament participants have to put together a game plan. Be careful to keep the second spots close to the primary spot so you will not loose too much time cavorting around for a better spot. Stick to the game plan as this is what differentiates the amateurs from the professional fishermen. If you need a few good tips in the best location for fish ask the locals or observe them closely. They will lead you to exceptionally good places that you never knew existed. In case the locals are mum, then try to eat in the local spots and chances are that you will sooner than later overhear someone speaking about “that great spot”.

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