How To Master The Bass Fishing Game

I heard a funny thing recently from a recreational fisherman. He told me fishing is one of his favorite relaxation activities. Then he floored me with his next comment. He said the bass fishing game is too technical and he was going to concentrate on other species! I thought about this for awhile and could see the pros and cons to his argument and yes, the bass fishing game can get a little technical but for a very good reason.

You see, bass fishing has become such a huge past time for both pro and recreational fisherman and one of the reasons is because of the fish themselves. They’ve been described as clever; a sporting fish that has the ability to continually “sucker you in” and once it “gets into your blood” it’s nigh on impossible to get it out. So yes, it is a little technical but without even a mild game plan, the bass will leave you wallowing in the water every time.

Some Bass Fishing Game Basics

Bass give the impression they love a contest. They are tricky to catch but when new players enter the bass fishing game and ask “what can I do to improve my chances of having a good fish” I always run through some simple basics which form the foundation they can build their skills around. These suggestions especially apply to fisherman heading to unknown locations. Here they are:
– Make sure you can read maps. Sounds pretty basic but believe me, it’s theory work which will hold you in good stead. – Make sure you do a little research and understand the seasonal habits of bass. What’s the point in heading off for a fish if they are out of season. Give yourself the best chance of success by knowing when they’re on. – Also know what time of the day is best to fish… Day or night? – Get a good understanding of how to locate the fish when you reach a waterway. Two things that will help you do this are knowing how to read water depths and being familiar with the water temperature. – Are you going to fish in muddy water or clear water? What techniques are you going to adopt? This is all part of knowing fishing game plan. – Know your gear. Get a good understanding of what gear is required for specific tasks.

Yes, bass fishing can get a little technical but once you understand the intricacies of it, it’s like anything in life you do over and over again; you eventually become proficient at it.

Ask The Experts

Don’t be afraid to ask experienced fishermen for advice. While fishing is a much debated topic and always a good conversation starter, it can be little intimidating for new players to the sport. This is only natural but the only way you are going to get better at it is if you take on good advice and then put it into practice. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll pick up the technical aspect of the bass fishing game.

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