Bass Fishing Tip – Familiarize And Practice!

Bass fishing attracts anglers in large numbers every year and as a recreational activity, it has grown to gigantic proportions. So what is the attraction with bass fishing? Is it because of the aggressive nature of this fish when it strikes an angler’s line? The excitement it engenders everytime it snaps at a jig? There are a million and one tips available to inexperienced anglers everywhere but deciphering the good from the bad is almost an art form in itself.

Bass Fishing Tournaments

Bass fishing tournaments are now big business today. To be successful at anyone of these tournaments it’s important you know the waters you’re fishing on. Much like a racehorse trainer heading to a track for the first time after a major purse, he or she will invariably give the horse a look at the track during a trial gallop just to get the feel and layout of the course. The same applies with bass fishing. I have heard many an angler report that if only they had spent a few hours on a particular lake before a tournament their result may have been a little different and a little more productive.

Understanding what the fish will be biting on, where they are likely to be and what depths you will need to fish is all part of bass fishing tournament 101. So the next time you are heading off to fish a major tournament, give yourself the best chance of landing a prize by familiarizing yourself for a few hours at the tournament venue.

Game Of Patience

Fishing is a game of patience. That elusive monster we all want to land and brag about for the rest of our lives is what drives many of us on. But did you know it is virtually only one more cast away. One bass fishing tip I love to give to anglers who beat themselves up on the fact that they are sick to death of ending up with the smallest fish in the lake is just keep casting your line.

You see, particularly for fairweather anglers, the chance of landing a 10 pound plus bass won’t happen unless you actually fish for it. Let me explain… A serious fishing enthusiast will get on the water at least once a week. Unless you are out there and actually fishing then the chances of catching the “big one” is really only a pipe dream.

The majority of recreational fishermen either don’t have the time or inclination to get out there often and except for divine intervention, will usually go through life never experiencing the feeling of landing “Mr.10 pound plus bass.” So what am I saying… I’m saying like anything in life, bass fishing is not just about the theory, it’s about the practice. Put into practice what you learn from the books and fishing shows and get on the water and do it on a regular basis.

There seem to be a few well worn principles in life which seem to apply across a broad spectrum of topics. If you apply the two tips in this article, familiarize and practice to your bass fishing endeavours, your chances of extra success will be enhanced.

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