A Fish Oil Capsule Review ? Ensure You’re Getting the Highest Quality Possible

When going over a fish oil capsule review there are several things that you want to look at in order to ensure that what you are getting is the highest quality omega 3 formulas possible.  You want to look at how a company goes about guaranteeing the purity of your product, how they can guarantee the freshness of the contents, and where they get the fish from and what type of fish do they extract the oil from.

All of this information is important because there have been some problems with some of the omega 3 products in the past.  In March of 2010 a California environmental group filed a lawsuit that involved several well known companies over the excessive levels of PCBs found in their fish oil.  PCBS are a class of highly toxic organic compounds once widely used as dielectric fluids and coolants.

A well written fish oil capsule review will note whether proprietary purification methods and molecular distillation have been performed on the contents of your product.  The fatty fish that are the only dietary source available for obtaining the critically important DHA and EPA fatty acids accumulate PCBs and a wealth of other toxic substances over the course of their lives.

These toxins come from the same sources from which the fatty fish gather their omega 3 fatty acids, which is through the consumption of microalgae or of smaller fish for whom microalgae is the primary food source.  The high levels of toxins these fatty fish develop are why supplementing your diet with omega 3 fatty acid capsules is necessary.  You can no longer safely eat enough fish to keep your levels of DHA and EPA fatty acids maximized.

Freshness is another topic that an informative fish oil capsule review will cover, as this has also been an issue with many of the brands on the market.  You should always purchase your fish oil products from a manufacturer that is willing to supply a Certificate of Analysis that verifies that oxidation levels in the product are as low as possible.  Many manufacturers won’t provide this sort of information.

Fish oils that have that have not yet been encapsulated must be stored by the company in special containers under a nitrogen blanket, where the temperature of the fish oil can be maintained at two degrees Celsius.  Once the oil is encapsulated decomposition of the oil will not occur.  Be aware of products that have distinct citrus smells to them, because this means that the manufacturer is trying to mask the rancidity of his product.

The fish oil capsule review should tell you what fish supplied the oil, and what region of the world that fish came from.  The best omega 3 formulas are derived from New Zealand hoki fish taken from the pristine waters of the Island nation’s Southern Ocean, and South Pacific tuna.  Fish taken from the cleanest water possible produce the finest oil.

So now you know.  This is the information from a fish oil capsule review that will help you find the highest quality DHA omega 3 fish oil product possible.

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