What You Must Know Before You Buy Fish Oil

Want to buy fish oil?  Find out exactly what you need to know to choose the best fish oil supplement money can buy for your health and well-being.

After many years of scientific research, which has shown the many and varied health benefits, lots of people are now looking to buy fish oil capsules. However it is important to know exactly what to look for to gain the maximum benefit.

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acid cannot be understated and include reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and also strengthening the heart’s electrical system, preventing rhythm abnormalities from occurring.

These factors alone have helped to save many lives and can help you achieve optimum health too when you buy fish oil capsules. Even if you eat fish regularly, experts agree it is still very beneficial to take an omega-3 supplement.

This is because they are the best source of omega-3 as they provide us with the two most important types of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. The third source is ALA, which comes from vegetable oils like flaxseed, but it does not have such a beneficial effect on the body.

 To get the best quality, it is essential that the fish comes from clean unpolluted waters as they accumulate the toxins in their flesh, such as mercury and other heavy metals, and these can be passed onto the fish oil capsule.

To avoid this, you should only look for molecularly distilled and pharmaceutical grade supplements. This process will purify the oil, removing all of the toxins, so check the website or label with care.

Another important factor is to realize that DHA content is much better than EPA content, despite what many companies will try to tell you when you go to buy fish oil. This is because if the body needs more EPA, it can easily convert DHA into it, but not the other way around.

On top of this our brain is comprised of 60% fats, and approximately half of that fat is DHA omega-3.

The last thing to mention, as you are probably aware, is that the higher the price doesn’t mean the higher the quality. I have seen some desperately expensive fish oils that were well below average in their content.

Many years ago when I started to buy fish oil omega 3 supplements, I researched the market, as I do now, very intensely, and discovered a product which I still use today as it has not been bettered.

It fits all of the above including the fact that it comes from Hoki and Tuna fish from the pristine waters of the southern ocean of New Zealand, known to be the cleanest ocean left on earth.

They contain a higher amount of DHA and EPA, and are molecularly distilled, attaining the highest purity possible.

In short, if you want to buy fish oil, this supplement cannot be surpassed.



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