Surf Fishing – A Fun Challenge

Have Great Fun While Surf Fishing!

Though Surf Fishing may sounds as if it is a calm and easy way to have fun but it is a lot difficult than many people might think it be. There goes many preparations while planning for surf fishing. Calculations like wave height, the current, wind direction and rock positioning etc have to betaken into account for having successful surf fishing. All these information are taken into consideration before you start and cast your line.

The foremost thing that should be kept in mind while surf fishing is the preparation that has to be done beforehand. Also most of the places fishing license is required. If you are caught with having a fishing license you will have to pay hefty fine that can make you feel awful.

You will be required to get as much knowledge and information as needed to know about the best time when you can go surf fishing. It is known that during the high tide surf fishing can be done easily. But surf fishing also tests your patience and you will have to learn being patient. So you should bring along lot of bait and be ready to spend the day.

You don’t require special rod type for surf fishing. The rod depends on how well you cast. So when judging your casting ability be realistic so that you are able to catch a maximum number of fish you desire. The advantage that shorter rod has is; it increases one’s mobility so that he can move from one place to another in search for fish. It is noteworthy that one doesn’t need to cast too far away as the fishes just swim nearby the break line feeding on the dead and rotten matter.

If you are able to locate them, sand crabs can be your best chance for surf fishing. If you happen to surf in the month of summer, you can see the deep holes that these crabs have dug into the sand and then you can easily find the fish and fish them out. A large number of times, fishes are washed up on the beach, and this is good because the fish will then swim to the surface to catch anything which is either dead or alive. If you are all out of crabs, you can use salted anchovies, frozen anchovies, mussels, shrimp, or some clams.

You should ensure that the bait you are using is strong and firm. If it is not so it may just slide off your hook. And when it comes to the rig, it should be kept in mind that it should be the one which is capable of sinking the line without giving too much pressure on it. The fish will become scared if they happen to feel the weight. So many people use a sliding sinker rig when they go surf Fishing.

There are too many reasons for you to consider day out doing surf fishing. If you are lucky while surf fishing you will be able to catch corbina, perch, bass, stingrays, rockfish and sometimes even the hammerhead sharks. It is also one of the very good options to spend a day out in beach. If you go the beach where there are many people around then you should first locate the place where you do not find too many people around in the water. It may happen sometimes that sharks can get attracted right to the shore to get the fresh food. The sharks cannot see very well and also they often mistake the hanging legs of the surfers off the board to be that of fish or tortoises.

So if you are short of money and time surf fishing is the one you should think of. There are many preparations which you should take care off when you are planning for surf fishing. Surf fishing is thus an enjoyable hobby It ensures that you get out of your home and enjoy and you may come back after having dinner made of your prized catch.

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