Planning A Fishing Trip With Your Fishing Buddies At The Lodge

Planning a fishing trip? It’s exciting but there is a lot more to do and decide rather than just going to catch fish. It’s more than just picking a fishing lodge or a fishing hole or two.

To begin with just like any other trip, vacation or excursion how much time do you have? What is your budget?

It can be said that you never really know a person or a friend until you travel or vacation with them. You may think that you are good friends , have lots in common ,that nothing matter differs between the two of you – but then go on a vacation and the different priorities , presences and mental patience as well as tolerances of both parties kick in and are tested.

To begin with are you going a “fishing vacation”, a “fishing trip” or just a trip or vacation that happens to involve some fishing. Pin this one down before you even get into the car – for the drive or even the cab to the airport. Some people who are ardent fisherman, have as their ideal vacation a fishing trip that involves fishing from dawn to almost dusk. The other person may well say that they love to fish. However this may be after a late night of recreation and beverages, sleeping in till 11 am and then “getting ready to go fishing”. Try to pin this down, before even planning the trip. What exactly does the fishing partner mean by a “good day “or “good week “fishing. You might get a good fix on this by previous fishing trips out but not always. Take care.

In the same manner if you have a long drive to your fishing areas what again does the other person or group prefer. Is it one long trip to the fishing resort or is a leisurely drive to sightsee along the way – stopping almost at every shopping mall and fast food restaurant along the route.

In terms of accommodation and accommodations what do the other people or group prefer? A simple rustic fishing lodge in the Canadian wilderness with little in the way of luxuries. Just fishing with the availability of beer and soda. Or does the group insist to be pampered – almost to the point of a four or five star international hotel with essentials and necessities such as gourmet foods, fine liquors, and maid service and of course satellite TV and phones. It is true that there are resorts which cater to this extent – allowing as well for limousine services from your airport arrival to your charter flight. On the other hand in some settings a luxury by some fisherman may be the availability of hot showers. It depends on what the party prefers, wants and what their budgets are. Everyone can be a big sport of cause until it comes time to arrange to figure out their vacation budgets.

In the initial stages of planning for the fishing trip a number of questions will have to be put forward in order for agreements. What type of fish? What time of year is best for those varieties of fish? Will it be walleye fishing, Northern Pike or Bass fishing? Is it a preference of a lot of fish and fishing action – quantity or is a matter of catching “the big ones’ or the trophy fish. Then it’s a matter of quality of fish size rather than quantities of fish caught.

All in all in planning your fishing trips it’s a matter of knowing your fishing buddies or friends ahead of time. Work out a budget to begin with. Agree on a time frame both for the general or specific dates for the event and also for a time span for the trip. Set your budgets as well as preferences – fishing, fish and accommodation styles and preferences.

After that it’s a matter of compromises and having great time fishing.

Remember a day of fishing on the boat or at the fishing lodge or lodges is better than the best day ever at work.

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