King Salmon Fishing Skilak Lake Alaska

40lb + King salmon.

Nice 50# White King Salmon caught in Kachemak Bay out of Homer Alaska. Our clients caught limits of silvers/pinks too. What a mounter man! The Winter King De…

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31 thoughts on “King Salmon Fishing Skilak Lake Alaska”

  1. The title is not correct this is the Kenai River below the lake.
    These fishermen entered the Kenai from lower end of Skilak lake.

  2. what a fish.. You did a great job! good fight. I honestly don’t think I could have released that salmon. you got class!

  3. You can’t put to much pressure on the fish, or else the line or the pole might snap.

  4. ok i dont really know anything about fishing but i was just wondering why he didn’t just pull it in? Is it too hard or is he scared hes going to lose it or something?

  5. nice video and catch..but boy was i glad when the music went off, then all of a sudden, another one comes on…

  6. i totally just moved to fairbanks, and cant wait to go salmon fishing.. snow and ice need to melt.. wanna catch some fat ass pike too!! god i missed alaska! but then again, i miss back home in Florida, where the marlin and shark are the game there.. here is more salmon and Crab 🙂

  7. Doesn’t look like it. He just keeps cranking the reel and hoping to get a different result. tourist

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