Flounder Gigging Tips

I hope you find this Flounder Gigging Information helpfull. I hope this will provide you with tips and techniques that will help you get more fish while Flounder Gigging .


It is always a good idea to check for the latest rules and regulations in your area before going flounder gigging.


Flounder gigging is done after dark in shallow water. You need a way to light up the bottom so you can see the flounders laying in the water waiting to eat their lunch. I first used a gas lattern then hand held battery lights. Now I have a generator with 120vac 150watt lamps,one on each side of the boat at the front. While I stand on the front of the boat I use my 5 prong #7 steel spear with a 8 foot wooden handle to push the boat forward, looking for flounder. You can also use a trolling motor but be sure not to go to fast.If you go to fast and do not look real hard you will miss a lot of flounder.


Flounder gigging is like fishing sometimes you see one real soon then again it may take some time to find one. When you see a large enough flounder do not hurry and try to stab it. Wait until you get close so you can get a good stab straight down .Try to gig it in the head so the boney head will have a better grip on him. Do not try to pick him up untill you are sure the gig went all the way through the flounder. Now aim his head to the back of the boat and bring him along side the boat then up and over into the boat.Put him in the icebox and go get ready for another one.


A few flounder gigging tips that may help you get more flounder.
Flounder do not like wind so you need to go on calm night.
The flounder like to come in with the tide. So try to go on a incoming tide.
 Also a dark night is good so the flounder can not see you and run. If the moon is out try to wear dark clothes.


Be careful at night and enjoy your flounder gigging trip.

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