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Have you ever wanted to test yourself against a white sturgeon, a freshwater fish that is three times your size? Or to easily catch your limit of that most prized of fish, the Pacific salmon? How about experiencing the incredible thrill as a rainbow trout takes your fly and fights with unbelievable energy, shattering the glassy calm of a wilderness lake? If so, your dream can come true on a British Columbia fishing trip.

As one of the largest and most varied wilderness regions left in the world, British Columbia can offer all of these fishing thrills and more. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could conceivably do all of these things in one B.C. fly fishing trip, although that would be like eating a whole box of Belgian chocolates in one sitting. It is undoubtedly better to take your time and savor each rewarding experience!

Although British Columbia has an international reputation as an outdoorsman’s wilderness paradise, many of the most rewarding fishing trips in British Columbia are surprisingly accessible. The vibrant city of Vancouver has just been voted the most livable city in the world by the readers of The Economist, and has incredible fishing on its very doorstep. A short boat ride up the coast from Vancouver takes you to truly world-class saltwater salmon fishing. Within an hour’s driving distance inland, the Fraser River is home to the freshwater sturgeon. The sturgeon can reach weights of up to 1000 pounds and has been called the most exciting freshwater sport fish in North America. Imagine the thrill of having an enormously powerful sturgeon on the end of your line. They often jump clear out of the water, making for a truly memorable sight. Yes, on a British Columbia fishing trip, you truly can spend the day enjoying amazing fishing and then return to a luxurious downtown hotel for the night.

If you prefer more of a wilderness experience on your fishing trip, British Columbia can offer plenty of those too, ranging all the way from rustic log cabin-type adventures to the most luxurious of backcountry lodge vacations. If there is one thing that B.C. is famous for worldwide, it is its quiet, uncrowded and pristine wilderness. There are literally thousands of clean, clear rivers, streams and lakes in which to wet your line and test your fishing prowess.

Of course, a fishing trip in British Columbia isn’t all about the amazing fishing. There is an enormous variety of comfortable accommodation to choose from, too. Whatever kind of accommodation you enjoy, rustic campsites and intriguingly old-fashioned lodges, cozy log cabin resorts, brand new up market fishing lodges, or luxurious metropolitan hotels; the choice is yours. Fine dining is also a given, whether that means cooking your catch in a cast-iron fry pan over a campfire, a gourmet meal in the dining room of a wilderness lodge, or enjoying a trendy meal in a cutting-edge urban restaurant. At the end of a hard day’s fishing, you may find yourself relaxing in a natural hot pool under a million stars, or swirling in a hedonistic hotel spa.

Your B.C. fishing trip can include a wide array of complimentary activities, too. Combination fishing and golfing tours are available. Hiking, sailing, sightseeing and horseback riding can be an integral part of your fishing trip. The quickly growing areas of eco-tourism and First Nations related experiences can be an enlightening and fascinating addition to any British Columbian fishing trip, also.

In fact, there are so many different fishing trip adventures available in British Columbia, you could easily spend the rest of your life taking one fishing trip after another and never repeat yourself. An endless fishing trip in a wilderness paradise- that does seem like a very rewarding way to live, doesn’t it?

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Marlene Loney has been enjoying a unique lifestyle at Caverhill Lodge for over twenty years. Marlene and her husband Larry actively operate their fishing lodge and invite you to share their unique perspective on life. While soaking up the beauty of British Columbia guests at Caverhill are pampered with Marlene’s fine cuisine and entertained by Larry’s stories and captivated by wild Kamloops rainbow trout.

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