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  I have decided to do something radical and give away for free,valuable information gained from many years experience and countless hour upon hour of hard earned knowledge.
  I caught my first fish at the age of 3 years and for the next 30+ years i spent my life on the water both professionally and recreationally.I am an Aussie and have caught just about every type of fish of every size found around the Aussie coastline.I am prepared to share my know-how with whoever is interested.These are genuine tips,I know they work,I have caught all my fish using the tips and tecniques as described.
                                  TIGHT LINES.
WEATHER:I have fished through all sorts of weather from Hot,Cold,Windy,Storms,Rain and found as long as the barometer is staying still or rising the weather only worries the fisherman not the fish.
BAROMETER:It won’t matter where you are fishing lakes,Rivers,Oceans a rising barometer is always best.A falling barometer will slow fishing down in some cases it will stop fish feeding altogether.
TIDES:Play a key role in fishing,Depending on what species you are after depends on what tide you fish.    
BEACH FISHING: Mulloway and ,sharks like the last of the run in  tide and high water.
Tailor,andSalmon like the run in tide.
Whiting,Bream,Dart,Flathead like low water and the first of the run in tide.
RIVER FISHING: Mangrove Jack,,Bream,Whiting,Tailor,Treavelly,Grunter,Salmon  all llike a run in tide.
Mulloway:Likes likes low water   and first of run in tide
Flathead like a run out tide..
BAY FISHING:Squid,Gummy sharks,Snapper,Whiting like the run in tide.
OFFSHORE FISHING:Snapper,Jewfish,Marlin like a tide change high or low.
Reef fish,Tailor,,Mackeral,Yellowtail kingfish,Sampson fish,Amberjack,Pearl Perch, like a run in tide..Sharks,Cobia,Wahoo like the last of a run out tide.
MOON PHASES:I believe the new moon through to 2 nights before the full are the best time for fishing and I won’t start fishing again until 2 nights after the full.Then I will fish right through until the next full moon.THE reason is I  believe, over the full there is too much current!The full moon usually means king tides which means lots off current for some reason shuts the fish down.Maybe the extra water is cooler which stops the fish feeding?Whatever the reason! The 4 nights around the full moon are good nights to stay home and watch fishing movies.The falling moon isn’t a bad time to go fishing because the current is slowing down after the full,The fish start coming back on the chew.Things are a bit slow but with some patience you will get a feed.The dark moon is pretty much the same as the falling moon ,,things are a bit slow with next to no current and very small tides with patience you will get a feed.The rising moon,Let the fun begin, the current starts to move, the fish start to feed, now is the time to go and catch
that big one.
SNAPPER:Fish late afternoons or early mornings even night time an hour each side of a tide change.Fish the reef ledges using baitrunner and baitcaster reels,4 to 10 kg line,5/0 snelled hooks floatlining with a lumo bead & head half of Slimy mac or Yakka.
MULLOWAY:Fish late afternoon or night time, fish deep holes,bridge pylons,rock walls and river mouths.Fish the first of the run in tide and both tide changes.Use overhead reels,5/0 to 8/0 hooks,10 to 15 kg line,use live bait or very fresh dead bait.
BLACK JEW:Use a bottom bashing rig,fish the inshore reefs in 20’c + water temp.10 to 30 meters of water around pinnacles is best.Use 6/0 to 8/0 hooks,15 kg line and fresh fish fillets are best bait.
COBIA:Fish night time using the last of the run out tide with live bait fishing the inshore reefs.Troll live bait on a down rigger,6 to 15 kg line with 5/0 to 8/0 hooks,use fresh or live bait and fish around bait schools,wrecks and reefs that hold bait schools.
WAHOO:Fish the last of the run out tide,use overhead reels,8 to 15 kg line.Troll a live tuna (bonito) on a short wire trace over summer.
MACKERAL:Fish run in tide in early morning or late afternoon,slow troll garfish,bonito or ribbon fish on a down rigger.Use 6 to 15 kg line and a short wire trace.
DOLPIN FISH:Troll skirted lures and live bait,8 to 15 kg line,5/0 to 8/0 hooks,troll around tide lines and floating debris.
TUNA:Fish deep blue water around 23’c for yellowfin and bigeye and 18’c for southern blues.Fish night time with fresh squid and blue light sticks.Best to fish the new moon,use 15 to 24 kg line and 8/0 to 10/0 hooks.
BROADBILL:Fish the seamounts and contour lines with a falling moon in water 18’c to 21’c at night time.Use fresh squid,10/0 to 12/0 hooks,24 to 36 kg line with green light sticks,Best to fish winter using live snapper.
REEF FISH. I tend to chase mixed reef fish over flat ground with a fern,y bottom, over the dark moon, and running up to the full on top of shoals.,the best for big reds and scarlet Perch.. The reason being with less tide I find the fish like to move around and graze.When fishing around the full moon you will find the fish around structures such as bommies and ledges because the fish will be hiding to get out of the current.. ,as the moon falls, you can start fishing the deeper water where the fish will star grazing again. only fish a couple hours each side of the tide change for best results.Fresh squid best bait for all reef fish.
RED EMPEROR: Fish nighttime over the new moon with a run out tide in 30 to 40 mtr water depth of 22′. Use overhead reel, 15 to 24 kg line and 5/0 to 8/0 hooks.use bottom bashing rigs and fish shoals. Fresh Husser is best bait.
SCARLETT SEA PERCH; Fish reefs on a run in tide. Go bottom bashing using fresh bait of squid or pillies. Fish 40 to 80 mtrs of water at night., with 10 to 15 kg line with 4/0 to 7/0 hooks.
CORAL TROUT; Fish in 23′ or warmer water, floatlining. Small fresh trout is best bait for big trout , allow to float onto reef. Use a good 9/0 longshanked hook and 15 kg line.
ROSY JOBFISH; Use bottom bashing rig, 15 to 24 kg line and 6/0 to 8/0 hooks, fish run in tide in 40 to 120 mtrs of water with overhead reel. Fresh squid is best bait and water temp should be over 20’c.
RED THROAT EMPEROR: Go bottom bashing with fresh squid or pillies as your best bait. Use 4/0 to 6/0 hooks on 10 to 15 kg line, allow to drift onto reef.
SWEETLIP; Bottom bashing in 20 to 30 mtrs of water over reef with a run in tide. Use freshbait at night time for best results, with 5/0 hooks.
MANGROVE JACK; Fish during summer time at low tide at the first of run in along rock walls and structure. Use live bait and 4/0 to 6/0 hooks on 10 to 15 kg line.
Here are some of my photos from my fishing album,all fishes caught around the Australian coastline,while on my travels.

Hi I’m Shane,I like being online and helping others out whenever I can.

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