Fishing Outfitters in Canada

If you’re on a fishing trip, it will be a lot easier with the help of fishing outfitters. These companies can offer assistance, guidance, advice and accommodations, allowing you the freedom to simply focus on your fishing and enjoy yourself. Here are some of the fishing outfitters you can get in touch with in Canada:

George Lake Camp Outfitting

This outfitter is located near La Ronge in Saskatchewan on George Lake. There are 4,000 acres of crystal clear George Lake waters to enjoy and plenty of fish to catch, including lake trout, whitefish and northern pike. If you prefer, you can also hire one of their local guides for a small fee. The outfitter rents out several 14 footer aluminum fishing boats so you can venture out on your own in search of fish.

The camp itself is in a beautiful location and can only be accessed using a float plane. The camp offers lakefront accommodations complete with sandy beaches. If you like a more secluded and private fishing getaway, this is the outfitter you should get in touch with.

Victoria Outfitters

This outfitter is found in Millertown, the area well-known for its wildlife. This company offers complete outfitting services involving all sorts of wildlife including local fish. It also offers wilderness tours and accommodations.

Thunderhook Fly In Fishing Camp

Thunderhook is also another outfitter that offers a fishing adventure in a secluded, more private area in northern Ontario. It is a location that is perfect for catching walleye, although it is also common to encounter other species of fish here.

Snowfari Adventures Ice Fishing

If you prefer ice fishing, Snowfari Adventures is an outfitter that offers plenty of adventure and convenience for its guests. Private bungalows can accommodate up to 10 guests per unit. It offers complete amenities, perfect for weekends or even prolonged stays.

Timberlane Cottage Resort

Timberlane is located next to Marian Lake. This outfitter offers guided Back Lake fishing. Some of its most common fish species include perch, bass, northern pike and walleye.

Midnorth Outpost Camps

Midnorth is a fishing outfitter in Chapleau, Ontario. Another location that can be accessed only by a float plane, Midnorth’s lake cabins allow plenty of privacy. Fish species include pike, lake trout, white fish, bass, lunker northern pike and walleye. This outfitter can even arrange for you to fish from a private lake if your preferred fish species is unavailable at your current location.

To search for Canadian fishing outfitters near your area, check out sites like, and Some of these sites may offer links to outfitter sites so you can check location, maps, fees and accommodation packages.

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