Fishing for Peace

For a restful, green getaway, try out the fishing camp at Galibore, about 100 km from Bangalore in India. Here, you have the rare opportunity to be active at your own easy pace.

It takes more than an hour from there to Kanakpura, thanks to a national highway with millions of potholes and unusual narrowing at many places. Hidden in the deciduous forests about 10km from Sangam, on the banks of the River Cauvery you can actually miss this camp and drive past it, so beautifully tucked away is the place. The place has huge Terminalia Arjuna trees lining both sides of the river and there are hardly any big boards announcing it. There are no tar roads and it seriously feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.  And as the trees parted to let you through voila! Behold a scene as pretty as any picture- the gently flowing Cauvery River at a little distance, Pucca tents lining one side each with its own hammock outside, deep green forests and little else!
You are thrown into a coracle, a lightweight boat that seemed more like an oval basket, and you take off down stream. It is gorgeous. Gently swaying in the breeze, water lapping around you, float past green and greener. Galibore is 16km downstream from Bheemeshwari, the camp famous for Mahseer angling. You can choose to trek up to Bheemeshwari and then coracle it back to the camp.
Reaching the tent you find pitch darkness.  Fumble around – no switches. No bulbs, no lamps, no switches. Yes, no electricity.
 There is indeed no electricity, save for a tube light in the common dining place. Hurricane lamps are provided at the front of the tent and the back of the tent

Advance booking is essential for a long stay at the Galibore Fishing Camp. Cost for a day trip is $60, including all meals. You can reserve your stay on the phone. But the payments at the site are by cash only. The highlight of the camp is the catch-and-release method of the great mahseer, and guests are provided with local fishing guides to enjoy this fully. Coracle rides; angling and nature walks are other options here.

Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp is roughly 100km from Bangalore off the Kanakpura highway. It is a government –run resort that has exclusive fishing rights to several stretches along the river Cauvery.
The fishing season is from February to mid-May, but best the climate to visit is August to February.
Galibore Fishing Camp. For bookings, contact Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd; tel: (080) 2559 7021/24/25
Buffet-style multi-cuisine veg and non-veg food is served, and there are simple barbecues in the evening by a bonfire.
                        There are acres of pristine wilderness around for nature lovers.

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