Fishing Equipment

Do you want to go fishing? Do you want to take part in sports fishing?  If you do then you have to be prepared with various fishing equipments to be able to perform well in the sport.  

In this article, we will discuss a bit about fishing equipment.  This will be helpful you if you want to go sports fishing or if you want to go fishing for pleasure; this guide will likewise help you.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Hook, line and sinker are used in basic fishing.   Hooks are usually attached to a pole with a line.  The sinker is necessary to make sure that the bait will be left in the waters for the fishes to see.

The requirement in the appearance of the hook, line and sinker under the water is never to be visible to the fishes.

While the improvements in the modern fishing industry have included many different tools, the basic hook, line and sinker remains necessary for pleasure fishing activities.

Fishing rods

Fishing rods of today have different materials and different uses.  There are fishing rods using carbon fiber, fiberglass and most commonly bamboo.  The flexibility of the fishing rod is necessary in today’s fishing but usually, just a bamboo fishing rod may be enough.

Fishing reels

A fishing reel is mounted on an axle.  Fishing reels are used in conjunction with fishing rods.  They are often used to ensure the movement of the bait underwater.  Usually the reels are used to mock the real life baits movement underwater.

Bite indicators

In modern fishing activities, a bite indicator is necessary so that fishes will be unable to escape.  If a fish already ate your bait and you did not notice it, by mere waggling, the fish may be able to escape your line.  You do onto want this and thus a bite indicator is necessary for you.  

Especially in cases of catch and release fishing where the hook goes shallow in the mouth of the fish, it will easily escape if you have no bite indicator.

There are now electronic bite indicators in addition to float bite indicators.


While spears are used in the olden days to catch fishes, in today’s fishing industry, spearguns are used.  Slings are added to the usual spears.  In the case of Hawaiian slings, it uses a sling separated with the spears.  It is just like an underwater bow and arrow.

Fishing Nets

Fishing nets are likewise an olden day fishing equipment.  Nevertheless, fishing nets are still used in today’s fishing industry.

There are other fishing equipments such as traps, fly fishing tackle and fishing lures among others.

To be able to perform in the sport well, you will need to know the standard fishing equipment used and go from there.

Again, if you are fishing for pleasure and doing a catch and release activity, then fishing equipments that will not harm the fishes are necessary.

How about fishing boats?  You may not need it but if you want to, then this is a fishing equipment where you might need to invest on. work on large number of fishing equipments and fishing lures at low prices. So if you are fishing in the same location often will help you enjoy your fishing expedition most of the time.

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