Escape the cold and spend Christmas on a Sri Lankan beach

Christmas is a time for family and festivities, but that doesn’t mean you need to be in your own country to enjoy this time of year. Christmas is actually a very popular time for travel, with a lot of exotic countries enjoying their nicest weather of the year. It’s not uncommon these days for families to spend the winter on a beach in warmer climes and enjoying the different style of festivities that other countries have to offer.

It can be quite pricey to take your holiday over the Christmas period as some countries experience their busiest tourism periods during December and January. Accommodation can be snapped up quickly, but there are deals to be found if you search hard enough. If you don’t mind travelling on Christmas Day there are big savings to be made. Often airfares will be slashed by up to 30%. You also get the unique experience of being in an airport without any queues for security or a lack of parking spaces.

One of the best Christmas beach destinations in the world is the country of Sri Lanka, which is situated just off the south eastern coast of India. Sri Lanka has been through some tough times in the past, but it is on the rise again. The country is full of warm, friendly and welcoming people and although the majority of the population is Theravada Buddhist, the country still celebrates this time of year and you can often find a decorated Christmas tree here and there.

Sri Lanka has quite an interest climate, where one half of the island can be in the middle of a monsoon and the other is enjoying its best weather for the year. During December and January, the best parts of the island to stay on are the west and south coasts. Whilst you are sunning yourself on a stretch of pristine beach, the north and east of the island will be experiencing the Maha monsoon. On the west coast, the capital Colombo averages around 28C and seven hours of sunshine a day during December.

The beaches of Sri Lanka are famous around the world and a major attraction for those looking to escape the winter blues. Negombo, which is only 6km from the international airport and just north of Colombo, is a popular first stop for anyone visiting the country. This trendy fishing village has some of the best seafood Sri Lanka has to offer and a long golden sandy beach with some excellent diving spots and a 40 year old shipwreck that serves as an artificial reef for many different varieties of colourful fish.

Two other beach highlights in this part of Sri Lanka are Mount Lavina, which is just south of Colombo and is a popular beach with locals. Each weekend people come to enjoy the water sports and live music, so it is a great place to mix with local people and join in the fun. The other beach is Unawatuna, which is right on the southwest tip of Sri Lanka. This stunning beach stretches around like a horseshoe and is a peaceful alternative to the busy beaches of Colombo and the surrounding coastline. This area also offers some of the best diving that the country has to offer.

Beach holidays are a great way to escape the winter blues and an interesting and exciting way to spend your Christmas break. Not everyone celebrates Christmas around the world, but as long as you are with your family or friends you can have your own Christmas celebrations no matter where you are.

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