Eat Wild Salmon: Alaska Fishing

Our July trip to Alaska just happened to coincide with the Coho salmon arriving in the Mat-Su Valley and we had a phenomenal few days of fishing. We were cat…
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27 thoughts on “Eat Wild Salmon: Alaska Fishing”

  1. Shit i got scared there for a sec… i though both of those guys at the trailer were dead man…lol that was fckn amazing… that boat was flyin in. then in less the 5 sec’s it was hooked up and gone nice job fellas…..Talk about quik load & go…we need more folks like u guys at public Launche’s……….cheer’s

  2. seems many people aren’t forced to use public ramps like I am, and my sarcasm has been lost in the wind.
    sometimes when I’ve had a bad day, I take a sixpack down to the local ramp and watch the idiots play. it can take some of them 25min to get their seadoo off the ramp.

  3. WOW, thay were in and out in 8 seconds,shit im a great boat pilot but there iS no way i would of come in at that speed : )

  4. annoying!!!! i watched it 5X. lol. good job. i wanna see a screw up.. ha we all have a few. peace.

  5. exactly my thoughts, that comment was really retarded he probably doesn’t even have a boat !

  6. Cool. I also remember people doing launch and retrieve at Ninilchik with their trucks before we had the tractor service. Pretty interesting to watch.

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