Cape Cod Albacore Fishing Secrets

One of the best kept Cape Cod fishing secrets is that when summers are warm like they have been this year, September is a great month for catching bonito and albacore in Cape Cod.

The one down side to fishing for striper in this type of weather is that the really big striped bass will be almost impossible to catch until it cools down.

Whether you are fishing for salt or fresh water fish, there really is not much better than Cape Cod to offer everything you could possibly want in the way of fishing. Surf fishing or fly fishing, Striper, trout, bass, or bluefish…Cape Cod has it all.

Among the saltwater varieties just mentioned, these species can be caught in

Cape Cod:








Blue Fin Tuna

There are also over 300 lakes and ponds in Cape Cod offering some of the best fresh water fishing around. There are abundant opportunities for both fresh and saltwater fishing for anglers of all experience levels in Cape Cod.

Some of the best fishing locations in Cape Cod are:

Chapin Beach

Barnstable Harbor

Point of Rocks Beach

WellFleet Harbor

Sandy Neck

Old Silver Beach

Cape Side

Scusset Beach

Stage Harbor

Coast Guard Beach

Nauset Beach

Pamet Beach

Race Point

South Cape Beach

West Dennis Beach

Craigville Beach

Dowses Beach

Bass River

Herring River

Martha’s Vinyard

Wings Neck

Woods Hole

These locations offer varied fishing and beautiful fishing locations. Amenities vary from place to place as do fishing techniques and tips, but one thing is certain…when it comes to Cape Cod fishing it is no secret that the fishing is fine.

Tips and Techniques:

When you catch striper or blues feeding on the surface, topwater lures (both wood and plastic) are the way to go. It is always a thrill to watch these wonderful saltwater fish chasing your lures across the surface of the water!

If you are trying to catch blues from the shore, you might want to try some of the most popular metal lures used on Cape Cod. They really are among the best choices of lures to use on the Cape. As a bonus, they are tough and highly


Swimmers are another good choice for fishing Cape Cod. They are not as easy to cast as metal or top water lures, but they allow you to fish various depths, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Soft plastic lures also have advantages. They can be molded into practically any shape. They present very naturally in the water, and they are fairly inexpensive as well.

Jigs allow you to fish deeply very easily. You can get jigs in many shapes and colors allowing you to fish for specific fish under specific conditions very effectively.

Good bait choices for fishing Cape Cod are eels, sand eels, sea worms, clams, herring, mackerel, squid, butterfish and porgy. Seaworms work best for fishing in the river, and sand eels work best for surf fishing.

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