Break Free from All the Stress Now, Get a Fly Fishing Vacation

Vacations are times where we relax our bodies and do something interesting. This is basically the time where we take a break from work and we let ourselves do something else. We can spend vacations however we want them. Be it on a beach, mountain or just at home, vacations are usually rejuvenating. It would be interesting however if we do things we don’t usually do or we learn something new, like fly fishing. Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities that we can enjoy in a vacation. This is because through fishing we not only expose ourselves to nature but also letting ourselves relax at the same time feel accomplished every time we catch a fish. Fly fishing vacation is now a common trend among fishing enthusiast.

Fly fishing basically means catching a fish using an artificial fly. Unlike the traditional way of fishing where fishing rods are much heavier to cast the baits into the targeted fish, fly fishing uses a much lighter rod which is heavy enough to cast the fly into the target. There are many different types, sizes and colors of flies used in fly fishing. Natural and synthetic materials are also used interchangeably or together in some cases. However, most fly fishing vacation sites would use flies which are common on the locality to make sure that they are attractive to the target fish.

The first recorded fly fishing on history is a Roman’s description of some fisherman who tied red wool on their hook and used it as a bait to lure the fish. This was said to be done by Macedonian fisherman on the Astraeus River. A fly fishing vacation can be done in a freshwater or saltwater. There are many places now where we can do fly fishing. However, with the changes in the venue and the natural aquatic territories we also need to adjust our techniques in angling and in fishing in general because fishing in a river and in the ocean are two different things altogether. Even fishing on freshwater could have various techniques depending on the type of freshwater we are fishing in. One method necessary in fishing in cold water is to make sure to have the right wading boots. These boots help in our grip while walking on slippery areas. Some boots are also designed to provide insulation to keep the cold out from the feet. There is also what we call a dry fly fishing where the fly or bait is not submerged on the water. It was enough to reach the surface of the water where the fisherman can see any strike made by the target fish. Although most fish like trout strike baits underwater, their percentage of striking on the bait at the water’s surface is relatively high to keep the fishermen busy. This technique is often used by beginners because of the immediate gratification upon seeing their baits attracting fish and getting a strike from it.

Fly fishing vacations can be very fulfilling and relaxing at the same time. It gives us time to think, do, and simply be with nature. There are resorts which include fly fishing as their main attraction, so why don’t we relax and start fishing?

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