Bluegill Fishing and Cleaning on Kentucky Lake

kentucky afield

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25 thoughts on “Bluegill Fishing and Cleaning on Kentucky Lake”

  1. I catch Bluegill all the time in a little pond behind my house but never keep ’em, I didn’t think that they were good eating. I’m gonna have to try this now. Is 5 to 6 inch bluegill a good keeping size?

  2. Kentucky Lake is a great lake for Bluegill but I also love going to Willisburg and Beaver Lakes, some great panfishing there.

  3. i was fishing wit my friend jimmy and i tried to fillet a bluegill for the first time and i kept failing;so this vid helped me

  4. i would not even bother filleting them. ill just gut them and rinse them then DEEP fry them till they are CRISPY…. once it get s crispy enough you can eat the head, body, tail and EVERYTHING.

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