11 INCHES BLUEGILL CAUGHT AND CATFISHING. This Bluegill make you say WOW!!! #73 – Most Discussed (Today) – Pets & Animals #90 – Top Rated (Today) – Pets & Animals

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  1. im a rookie fisher and just started about a year ago. i fish in a medium sized lake and i cant decide witch type of bait i use. whitch is better.. wax worms or night crawlers?

  2. @stewwalk yeah that aint no shit i lived in tennessee with my black uncle for two years and he always outfished outhunted me everytime we went one time he made a deal with me he said ill carry your rabbits if you carry mine i came out the woods with a heavyass sack full of rabbits

  3. @MJPinski99 depends on what time of year man i live in southwest missouri where we have some great bass and walleye fishing summertime months early morning is good around noon time they will go down deeper and i reccommend deep spoon fishing if your on a boat evening time as well around dusk is ideal throw zara spooks or something topwater made by heddon or bright colored buzzbaits

  4. That blue gill is freakin huge man , I would leave those ones in there and eat the 8 inchers , that gill is definitly a brood fish , nice video i will be subscribing man !!!!!!!

  5. nice fish…..really nice….can u give me some tips on bass fishing and when is the best time of day to catch bass

  6. @RangersAirsoft HAHA. The african american community has always been into the outdoors. In the south at one time all you could do was raise animals on a farm, hunt them or catch them out of the rivers and creeks. It was a way of life so it was no big deal. Bass Pro shops and the outdoor channel makes everyone think this is a new phenomenon. Nope. Just more commercial

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