Big City Fishing – Episode 1 (Part III) – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Have you have ever wanted to know what’s along the waterfront you pass by daily or under a bridge near your office? We will uncover those secrets from shore …
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Quepos is home to numerous tournaments held each year. With a protected from the northern winds, the weather in the region is ideal for fishing year round. F…

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4 thoughts on “Big City Fishing – Episode 1 (Part III) – Halifax, Nova Scotia”

  1. this is pretty much right in downtown Dartmouth. It’s called Penhorn Lake. If you look it up on google maps, you’ll find it for sure

  2. I moved to nova scotia 12 years ago from Florida and i used to fish there a lot for bass and a lot of other species.I haven’t really done all that much fishing since i’ve been here due to not knowing any good locations and generally not having much knowledge about Canadian species of fish.Watching this show and seeing that there are a lot of different species of fish to catch and plenty of places near by has made me want to get back to fishing!Thank you!This show was very informative for me!

  3. use a tripod! if you put the camera on a tripod and hold the tripod the “shaking” isnt that bad! Welcome to finland and fish!

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