Bass Fishing Tourneys – Keep Your Eyes Open To Check Out The Greatest Competition

It really feels great to talk about things that could stimulate your imagination and excitement. After the hectic stress of doing your activities for the whole week, you can no longer wait for the weekend to come. You start packing up your things and simply waiting for the wee hours in the morning and get ready for your trip to Ocala Florida. While on the trip, everybody in the vehicle is sharing the enthusiasm in their journey to a land of big bass and warm weather. There enters the tournament, the competition of big bass fish fever caught by many anglers.

There’s no place like Ocala Florida. If you want to make your fishing vacation more pleasant by remembering that it is a fishing vacation, make it a point that you are prepared to enjoy the whole experience, which includes kicking back and enjoying your friends, your surroundings, and your brief respite from the daily cares of your life. But some of the people who spend their vacation do it not simply to relax themselves from their stressful days but they go for bass fishing for a purpose. There enters the tournament, the competition of big bass fish fever caught by many anglers.

Before entering any Bass fishing tournament in Ocala, Florida try to remind some of these things:
The first step is to be sure that you have established your actual fishing goals and then ensure that they are in fact realistic, based on the amount of time you plan to spend seeking those goals.

The majority of bass fishermen will tell you that they are going to Florida seeking that elusive goal of catching a bass over ten pounds. If this is your goal have you considered how much time you will be able to spend in this endeavor? Fishing for a bass that size is what you have been doing since you started bass fishing; will eight hours on the water really give you that chance you are looking for?

The Florida Game and Fish commission makes a list each year of what they consider to be among the top ten bass lakes which will give you a starting point. This list is based on both shock surveys and creel counts that are reported by fishermen during creel surveys. You now need to narrow the list down to your selection and the only way to do this realistically is to get several references based on other people’s experiences. This is where they usually hold the tournaments. Ocala, Florida rarely leaves that list.

Lake George is one of the premier largemouth bass fishing lakes in Florida. It is the second largest lake in the state (46,000 acres), and is 18 miles northwest of Deland and 29 miles east of Ocala.
Lake George is one of the many natural lakes on the St. John’s River. It has extensive vegetation that provides excellent habitat for bass. Wade fishing in eelgrass with plastic worms fished on the surface, and other top water artificial lures, is productive. Fishing with live shiners is an excellent method for catching trophy bass during the spring spawning season.

Hot spots on the lake include Juniper, Salt and Silver Glen spring runs on the western shoreline. In winter and early spring, look for bass to congregate at the jetties on the south end of the lake. Casting deep-diving crank baits near old dock structures along the northeast shore and off Drayton Island can also be productive.

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