Amazing Crappie Fishing Hot Spots

If you are looking for crappie hot spots, look no further than the state of Texas. With its huge size and many lakes, you know there is plenty of choice for preferred fishing locations, and you’ll never run out of options or locations for taking a weekend fishing trip. Your excursions could take you to several different areas of Texas, each of which boasts several excellent crappie hot spots all its own.

Start with Texas state parks, under the supervision of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Division. More than 70 state parks participate in the Family Fishing Celebration, and within state parks, you are not required to carry a fishing license as you are outside the boundaries. Note that managers and biologists with the TPWD are free with their knowledge and will give suggestions on the best lakes to fish as well as tips for guaranteeing a good catch.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Lake Ray Roberts near Pilot Point is a state park and a well-known crappie hot spot. It consists of 30,000 acres and has a hotel and restaurant in the Jordan unit of the lake. Largemouth bass is a greatly concentrated species that attracts a lot of fishermen, but anglers also do quite well with crappie. Near Denison, you’ll find the smaller 423-acre Eisenhower State Park, with beautiful campsites. However, as crappie hot spots go, this is a great place to be, especially for night fishing off the lighted fishing pier. Cooper Lake State Park consists of 19,000 acres of impoundment near Cooper and is known for crappie as well as bass, catfish, and hybrids. If you are looking for crappie hot spots, try fishing along “the wall” at Heron Harbor in the South Sulphur Unit.

While there is not an abundance of crappie hot spots in the Houston metro area, you can find a few nice fishing holes. Try your hand at Brazos Bend State Park, near Needville, where there are three small lakes producing plenty of crappie and other sunfish, including Elm and Hale Lakes, 40 acres, where it is recommended you fish off the piers due to large populations of alligators in the lakes.

In the Austin area, Inks Lake State Park near Burnet is an unbelievable crappie hot spot, due partly to little pressure on the lake. According to park management, just about anyone with a pole can expect a good catch. Bank fishing is excellent all over the park, and you can rent canoes or kayaks from the park store. As a bonus, the hill country surrounding the park is unbelievably gorgeous.

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