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Fishing is considered a favorite past time among Americans. A majority of Americans have had the ultimate fishing experience. Fishing is the activity of catching species that live and breathe underwater.

Today more advanced fishing techniques were developed to make the activity more exciting and challenging. Before 2005, all fishermen had to do was hit a macro to catch a fish. Today there is a more developed fishing system; it involves fighting a fish to reel it in.

A simple fishing guide would make understanding fishing easier. There are five steps to follow for beginners. Start out by preparing your rod and reel. The reel has to have a line then press the button of your spin-cast reel. Make sure that enough line is pulled to thread it through all of the guides of the rod.

In the second step of the fishing guide it is important to attach a hook. One thing about hooks is that they come in different shapes and sizes. An acceptable size to use is #6 or #8. A clinch should be used to tie the hook to the line.

The third step of the fishing guide involves attaching a bobber by threading the line to the top and bottom hooks. The purpose is to attach the bobber so the fish hook hangs just above the structure.

Attaching the bait is the next step. Attach the bait to the hook using either worm rig method, worm rig for bait stealers method or doughball method.

The final step in the fishing process is to cast and retrieve. First cast the bait, then turn the reel crank forward until it clicks to prevent more line from coming out. You know you are catching a fish when the bobber moves or when you feel a tug on the line. Make sure the hook is in the fish’s mouth. If more detailed instructions are needed there are numerous fishing guides on the web or in books.

One guideline is very important before going fishing. Check the fishing regulations to see if the fish you catch according to size is legal to keep. If it is a fish that is not legal to keep, it must be released and handled as little as possible.

If this is a fish that can be kept a good way to keep it alive is to place it in a cooler until it is ready to be cleaned. So if your purpose is fish as hobby and use the catch and release method, fishing regulations do not need to be considered. Fishing is mostly done for recreational purposes, such as fishing tournaments or hobby but some actually catch fish that they plan to cook with. Whatever the reason your reason for fishing is it blends well with the American way of life. Remember to take along your fishing guide!

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