Top Tips for Planning the Ultimate Alaska Fishing Vacation

Alaska salmon fishing tours were started on a simple premise. A need was spotted in the fishing market, and several folks decided that if no one else was going to satisfy this need, well, heck, they sure would do it. More than 30 years later, many of these businesses have created huge empires for themselves.

If you’re a fisherman, and you haven’t really given much thought to planning a fishing vacation for yourself, then there’s no better time then the present.

Imagine yourself in Alaska, far from the urban sprawl of everyday life, standing in a clear, crisp river that’s loaded to the brim with trophy salmon and healthy, beautiful arctic char. A short 100 yards from the rivers edge is your private Alaskan fishing lodge. All around you is the pristine wilderness of Alaska, and no one to interrupt the view, and no one to disturb your concentration as you attempt to land “the big one”.

Every fisherman dreams of the day he or she can make the pilgrimage to the fabled Alaska Salmon Fishing Mecca. Living your Alaskan dream doesn’t have to wait any longer. It’s actually much more affordable than you realize. There are many Alaska Salmon Fishing packages available that are designed to fit just about any budget.

It takes a special breed of angler to flock to this nook of the world, where many a fishing lore is born. Alaska fishing legends are home to salmon runs so thick you can walk across their backs, halibut so big they’re called barn doors, and bottom fish so plentiful, fishing for them is called “catching”. Historically, Alaska’s fishing bounty has been so rich that it could feed a hungry world, and continues to do so to this day.

If you plan an Alaska fishing trip, you will definitely want an experienced, well-seasoned guide. Ideally, you need to find someone who can pinpoint the best time, place and specific areas to fish. The best fishing guide is one who knows these waters thoroughly. Many companies have seasoned and friendly Alaska fishing guides and charter captains who will make your Alaska fishing trip a very pleasurable experience.

If you want to experience great Alaska fishing, the Kenai is the only place to be!

While other parts of Alaska are experiencing increasingly limited salmon runs, this area has experienced predictable solid runs of each species. Many times, operating in small groups not only adds to a guests’ experience, but more importantly it limits any interference in the natural processes of the lands being utilized.

You can choose to fish with award winning guides who specialize in big fish, who have the best equipment, and you can just about guarantee yourself a great experience. Whether you’re considering fishing for a single day, whole week, river or fly-in fishing these guides can hook you up. And it is often surprisingly affordable no matter what you budget might be.

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