Choose The Right Fishing Lodge For Your Trip

A fishing trip is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and get back to nature and discover what is really important in life.  And what better way to become closer as a business group, couple or family?  However, you want to make sure that your fishing trip, and in particular the fishing lodge, matches your expectations.

Let’s use a fly fishing trip as our example.  What do you expect from your fly fishing experience?  Are you looking for a simple get away without many creature comforts or do you expect to be treated like a king?

If you are searching for a truly out of this world experience, then you will want to sign up for a fly fishing trip with a fishing lodge that makes you feel special.  A good fly fishing lodge will feature a customer to guide ratio of at least 2:1 and will employ many ways to get you to the best fishing locations. 

Let’s say you are searching for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience to an Alaska fly fishing lodge in a remote area not accessible by roads.  You will want to look for a lodge that has multiple float planes available to you so you can access any lake, river or coastal area in a moment’s notice.  You also want to choose a fishing lodge that employs a good number of boats to go along with excellent guides.

And a fishing lodge is only as good as its staff, accommodations and food.  Look for a lodge with a good track record and one that has been in business for a good number of years.  Be sure to check out guest comments and recommendations, as this will be a great indication of what you can expect on your fishing trip.  Whether you are fishing for trout, salmon, grayling, char or any number of fish, you will want to be prepared and arrive with all of the right equipment.

And bringing the right equipment starts by receiving recommendations from the lodge you will be visiting.  Does the lodge offer a checklist of recommended gear?  Does the lodge offer a good website where you can access a wealth of information about what to expect during your trip, like fishing seasons, weather conditions, fishing hours and more?  These are some of the things that make one lodge more qualified than others.

So, whether you are looking for a fishing lodge in the south or a fishing lodge in Alaska, you should ask yourself what you expect from the lodge.  You often get what you pay for, so don’t gravitate toward the cheapest price fishing lodge without fully investigating all you will receive during your trip.  If you want to really treat yourself to a nice trip and have a chance at some of the best fishing in the world, be prepared to spend a little more than the average fishing trip.  After all, this is your trip and you want it to be as fulfilling and rewarding as possible.

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