Surf Fishing Strategies For Consistent Catches

Surf fishing has become quite popular with many anglers. It offers a great way to go fishing, have a good time and be very productive in the process.

There are many anglers that prefer not to go out on a boat when fishing and this method offers a wonderful alternative because surf fishing can be just as fun and rewarding as boat fishing.

Some of the fish that you can expect to catch when surf fishing includes bluefish, mackerel, trout, bass and flounder.

Surf fishing can be enjoyed by anglers of all ages ranging from the very young to the elderly. It is also done by the novice fishermen and experienced ones alike.

Surf fishing can be a fun and exciting way to spend your free time. Below you can find some great surf fishing strategies that will help you get consistent catches each time you go fishing along the oceans shoreline.

When and How to Go Surf Fishing

The best time to go surf fishing is in the spring and fall. During this time you will have the best opportunities to reel in better quality fish in larger quantities.

There are also less people on the beaches during this time of year so you can move around more freely and enjoy a little more privacy. When there are lots of people on the beaches and playing in the water it scares the fish away.

Fish close to the shore at all times. After all, it is surf fishing and if you cast your line too far out you will be missing the bulk of where the fish are located.

You should actually cast your line parallel with the sand for the best results. Fishing during the half tides will be much easier than during high tides and you will get more bites during this time. Half tides are usually during the early morning or late evening. Fishing along the break of the waves can also be very productive.

Find the areas where reefs, rocks, holes and similar hiding places are located and concentrate on these areas. This is where the most fish will be. Inlets and channels are also great locations. However, it is best to fish these areas when the tide is going out. The tide will carry your bait out to sea and the fish laying in wait for food will take it much faster.

Techniques and Baits

One clue as to where the fish are located is where all the birds tend to gather. Therefore, you should look for birds and bait fish and you will most likely find the locating of a school of fish.

The birds feed off of the same baitfish that the fish feed off of. When you see swirls on the top of the water this is a sign of fish feeding and a good place to throw in your line. Sometimes the fish will even jump completely out of the water so keep your eyes open.

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