What You Need To Know about Saltwater Fishing Gear

Saltwater fishing gear has a different job to do over the other types of fishing gear on the market. When you walk into your favorite fishing shop or you look at the ads on the web, it pays to know what you are looking for and why that is the best choice. For those venturing out into the world of saltwater fishing, it is essential that with you comes the very best equipment for the job. There are several things to think about purchasing and each should be designed to accommodate the harsh conditions that saltwater brings to you and to your gear over time.

Perhaps the most consistent questions and the first thing to think about when considering saltwater fishing, is gear. Knowing what equipment to select really can make a difference in the successfulness of your fishing. One great rule of thumb is to get educated before you buy. Research online, shop around, and consider renting from a charter or rental service, at least initially, to help defray the start up costs of saltwater fishing and allow you to find a perfect match before making the substantial investment that comes with saltwater fishing.

Basically, you just need bigger, more heavy duty equipment when saltwater fishing. You also need to be meticulous about equipment maintenance when saltwater fishing. Fishing equipment for saltwater usage needs to be built for the job otherwise it will not be able to handle it.

Most tackle manufacturers consistently sell more five or eight weight rods in nine foot lengths than any other. There is a reason for this. If you are fishing for anything other than the largest game fish, these rods will pretty much do the deed for you, depending on conditions and the type of fish for which you are fishing. If you are fishing for something like speckled trout in a bay like setting where waters are relatively calm, a five weight rod will work quite well. If you are fishing in grass flats or surf areas where conditions are much windier, an eight weight will provide the substance you need for such conditions. Still, if you can only choose one rod, you might want to consider a set up such as a “Salt-6” Recently manufacturers have made great six weight rods that have hardware specially for salt water fishing. With fighting butts and this special hardware, a salt six is a great choice.

When it comes to reels for saltwater fishing, it is important to note that they do not have to be fancy or sophisticated, but since salt is very corrosive, they must be made of appropriate materials such as corrosion resistant parts that are easy to keep clean with consistent rinsing and care. As a general rule, if you can choose only one reel, if you choose a single action reel that is andonized, has a disc drag, and can carry in the neighborhood of one to two hundred yards of backing, you should be happy with your choices.

For fishing the salt flats and bays, nothing works better than a weight forward floating line. If you are fishing in the surf, you might be happier using a slow sinking line to help keep your fly below the choppiness of the water and keep your line from being dragged all over the place by the surf.

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