Salmon Fishing On The Kenai River – Adventures Galore For All!

The experience of the Kenai river salmon fishing is a great adventure. The (SMA) special management area or the Kenai River fishing habitat has over 150 miles of waterways that includes tributaries, lakes, streams and the main river itself. The larger lakes in this river SMA are skilak lake, Kenai Lake, Both that provides excellent opportunities for salmon fishing. The 82 miles long Kenai River empties into Cook Inlet, giving exceptional opportunities for fishing in the fall and spring seasons as the population of fish in those seasons are high.

There are about four to five different varieties of salmon which make the Kenai river fishing challenging and exciting at the very same time. The Coho or Silver salmon, The Sockeye or Red salmon and the Chinook or king salmon are the most numerous, with those Humphries or the pinks less common. Due to the conservation issues these pinks could only be kept only in alternative and even numbered years till the population is built again. This Kenai river salmon area for fishing is the largest of the King salmon on record which is at a whooping 97 pounds, and 4 of those were caught in that river. Other larger of the king salmon are caught yearly weighing around 60 to 70 pounds.

Another important feature of this river salmon fishing is plenty of Fishing lodges and professional guides which help those people who come to fish in this area. These lodges contain all the facilities that one could expect in the more populated areas of fishing lodges. It also supplies all the necessary equipments needed for the demands of the Kenai river fishing. There is a constant monitoring of the quality of the services rendered by the guides and strong adherence to limit restrictions and conservation laws, since the SMA guides have to be licensed.

There are several months and seasons which are best for specific species of Kenai River fishing. The very early months (summer) of May and June and spring are the best suitable for those looking for the king salmon. The July months and September are apt for silver salmon which is also known as Coho. Guides assist with the correct, appropriate bait and lures as well as provide the best locations to find fishes under given any weather condition.

Trekking, camping and hiking are the other options that are available apart from Salmon fishing. It is common to see deer, moose, bear, bald eagles and elk in their habitat (natural) or you could even take a trip to the glaciers and have a look at the wonderful landscapes. Horseback and four wheeler ridings are available at the resorts (fishing) and the local lodges. So, when you plan your trip, be sure to ask for the additional features.

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