Be Careful Fishing In Alaska As You Might End Up Staying

Be careful taking an Alaska fishing and camping trip. You may never want to go home again. The scenery is amazing, the fish are huge, and nature is still largely uncluttered by industrialization.

For those who have never been to Alaska, imaginations usually conjure up extreme cold, Eskimos, and igloos in a sparsely populated wilderness. Actually, Alaska has a lot to offer in outdoor tourism like camping, fishing, hiking and so much more.

For instance, a young man, in the military, is stationed in Alaska. Normally, a tour of duty lasts approximately 3-4 years. Whether you like the area or not, as a soldier in any branch of the service, when Uncle Sam says go, you pack up and move to the next base.

So, the gentleman moves to Alaska. Fortunately, he is close to getting out of the service, so he knows his stay will not be extended for years. However, he also has no idea how living in Alaska would begin to grow on him. An avid outdoorsman, he soon enjoys the great Alaskan fishing and camping opportunities, during his free time.

Halibut, salmon, lingcod, and Rockfish are all waiting for the adventuresome fisherman/woman. His favorite is probably the salmon. The fish are unbelievably huge, not to mention they taste great on the dinner plate. For instance, the winner of a halibut fishing tournament catches a fish tipping the scales at over 251 pounds!

Yes, individuals often talk about the big one that got away. However, pictures are worth a thousand words. Unbelievable! He catches enough to send some to his family in the lower 48 states. Awesome!

For the ultimate Alaska fishing trip, consider an extended camping trip. The fish are waiting to be caught, and the fisherman can hobnob with the local wildlife. For the city dweller, the wildest animal available to view may be an ornery house pet. Now, imagine seeing a big bull moose, up close and personal. How cool is that!

Fishing and camping in nature, largely unpolluted by careless human beings, being able to go on hunting and fishing trips whenever free time and finances allow, and catching fish big enough to feed a family for a month or more. What more can an avid outdoors person ask for? The sportsperson has found heaven on earth.

So, what if you are not an avid outdoorsman, yet you still want to experience the magnificent Alaska camping and fishing opportunities for a true adventure in the wilderness? No worries. Alaska tourism is alive and well; and guided expeditions are in abundance. For those who do not mind rubbing elbows with like-minded strangers, simply sign up for an awesome fishing experience.

While fishing, enjoy watching the whales in their natural habitat. The beautiful coastal waters are also home for sea-lions, sea-otters, puffins, and other indigenous species dependent on the Alaskan waters. Do not forget to look up; the majestic eagle also claims residence in the area. Although intending to catch fish for consumption, remember the camera. Catch nature at its very best, for a hard copy record of an unmatchable vacation, and the new friends undoubtedly made during the expedition.

Maybe you already brought friends along, and you would rather have a private fishing trip. So, charter fishing vacations are available. The captain and the crew will provide an optimum experience; take the group to the best fishing spots for a good catch and a excellent view of fish and animals in their natural environment.

Then, when the fishing trip comes to an end, the party does not have to be over. Camp in the great outdoors with a tour group, or set up camp in pristine areas set aside safe family camping. In a group, lead by an experienced guide, the fabulous beauty of the Alaska wilderness will come alive, and provide a memorable camping excursion like none other.

So what happens to the gentleman who was stationed in Alaska? Yes, you guessed it! When the young man retires from the service, he chooses to make his home in the great and wonderful Alaska, where he can fish and hunt to his heart’s content whenever the notion strikes. Family members love to visit, view the awesome scenery, and eat the fresh catch of the day.

So what about the tourist coming to fish in Alaska for the first time? Chances are he/she is likely to fall in love with the scenery and abundance of outdoor fishing. The experience will likely be repeated in future, or maybe a permanent move will be in order. So, be careful! For an avid fisherperson and hunter, to know Alaska is to love Alaska.

Erol Orderland is an avid writer and outdoorsman, writing from his home in the Netherlands. For more information about Alaska Fishing or Camping and Hiking, he invites you to visit the Official Fishing Network.

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