Reviews of Crappie Fishing Rods

When you become a serious angler you know that the fishing rod you choose can mean the difference between having a great fishing day and having a bad one. If your fishing rod can not live up to its expectations, then it pulls the rest of your equipment down with it. You need to make sure that the crappie fishing rod you choose will not hinder your efforts when fishing for that big one. You need a rod that provides you with the catch of the day instead of the story about the big one that got away. Below are some crappie fishing rod reviews that will help you decide which rods will be best for you.

The B’n’M Ultimate Crappie Rod

The B’n’M Ultimate Crappie Rod is designed especially for catching crappie, walleye or bass because you can cast, flip or jig with it. You can even rig for live baiting action or for jigging. It is a very strong rod that provides excellent tip action. You can buy either the 8ft or 10 ft rod. What most anglers like the best about this particular rod is that even though it is strong enough to haul in the big fish, it is also sensitive enough so you can feel live bait wiggling on the hook. Many anglers agree it is a great buy as you can tell by the five start rating it has received.

The Ozark Crappie Spinning Rod

The Ozark Crappie Spinning Rod is made from a lightweight IM7 graphite structure. It has a cork handle with stainless steel guides. It is a great rod for spin fishing and the distance it will cast is really good. You will find that it is also a very sensitive rod while still being strong enough to haul in large fish. This makes the Ozark Crappie Spinning Rod great for trying to catch even the largest crappie. These rods received a five star rating as well.

Quantum Xtralite XP Crappie Rod

If you are a serious angler that is searching for a rod that can withstand the test of time, you will love the Quantum Xtralite XP crappie Rod. It was designed by Todd Huckabee and can provide you with three techniques for crappie fishing. Therefore, they are great for dipping, rigging and trolling. They are designed with graphite blanks and reel seats. This rod has a natural cork and fantastic ultralight action that you will simple fall in love with.

Ozark Rod Co. Crappie Rear Seat Jigging Rods

If you are in need of a jigging rod this one is a great choice. It is designed with stainless steel guides and a cork handle. The rear reel seat makes it possible to balance the rod so you have more control over it. It can be broken down into two pieces so it is much easier to carry around than the original length rods made for jigging. This one received a five star rating from anglers that have had the opportunity to give it a try.

Ozark Crappie Slow Trolling Rod

If you do a lot of trolling when fishing you will find that the Ozark Crappie Slow Trolling Rod gives a great performance. Since you will find the need to use heavy sinkers from time to time, you need a rod strong enough to support this weight. This rod is designed with fiberglass E-Glass to make it stronger. As you know it can be difficult to know when a crappie is taking the bait so this trolling rod is designed with colored tips to help out in this area. It also can be broken down into two pieces to make it simple to travel with and for easy storage.

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