Lingnan photo: Thousands of South Australia gray dolphins frequent the night sea fishing row

Early August to mid-September last, was listed as China’s second-class protection of wild animals, gray dolphins, frequent sprint county of East Guangdong Le door Islands Penghu Islands to the south along the sea-light lure fishing night fishing ground, night usually occurs the number of gray dolphins, clusters up to 600 or so, and reached the peak of more than 1500, which shows scenes different styles downtown spectacle of dolphin fish wins.

    Today, the sea returned to South Australia just after the production of the new rural old fisherman Huangzhai Town LI Yu told reporters: “The sheer number of dolphins gather dust, duration of stay offshore, my fishing career 30 years ago is not see. ”

    More than a month, after the county of South Australia and other places more than 10 boats machine Huangzhai Town ship, the island at the southern tip of South Australia, Le door Islands, South Penghu Islands offshore fish farms along the light trap night sea fishing operations, constantly being attacked gray dolphins interference, they come almost every night snatch small cluster lamp net fish up to nearly 20 groups, formed from 30 to 50 more than the crowd.

    Particularly in late August and early September, typhoon “Talim” across the Taiwan Strait after the last ten days, it is the peak gray dolphins together. Night, in groups and fishermen compete for catches of gray dolphins are more than 1500. Times people are interested, the state protection of wildlife dolphins are not fish when small groups to join the ranks of snatch.

    In this last ten days time, when night fell, fishermen have started the implementation of lighting systems light trap fish trap on a large number of Palestinian wave (scientific name blue garden?), Regardless of fish (species of Sardinella aurita) and tuna fish When a small cluster of fish, known as marine mammals, “Wizard,” said the gray dolphins, which are often seasonal sprint to.

    These gray dolphins are usually more than one hundred only form a cluster, around one night sea fishing vessels, fish can practice their wins, they sometimes sneak into the sea, the upper and lower churn prey fish, and sometimes cross red sea, stretched out that very large I split the fish eaten in panic. In case of large fishing nets to live fish, they will often be half the body or body above water, fierce with the tail fin splashing into the water, circling around the net, always chasing flutter slip through the net, which makes surface waves in a row, silver belt roads, high waves splash, vast expanse, is fun.

    Sometimes, a group of dolphins attack, the fishermen have had to turn off lighting system suspended lure fish to avoid the trouble that they won the fish of the sea forces, who do not have to special fishing and hunting laws driving two Chinese wildlife gray dolphins.

    Night, South Australia more than 10 fishing vessels operating lights lure the fish, located in radius of 1000 square km of fishing grounds, fishermen have radio communication with the sea conditions from time to time love fish, but also free to talk to a surprise attack from the gray dolphin case, that almost all the fishing boats at the same time by their interference, and therefore determined to fishermen also measured the gray sea of dolphins row the night the number of clusters.

    Gray whale dolphin is a kind of family, belonging to the taxonomy dolphin, dolphins are gray. Its length up to 400-430 cm, the body color are basically gray, the unique physical characteristics, makes one to recognize its true colors. Gray dolphins mainly small cuttlefish and small clusters of fish as prey, and good choices better water quality, feeding more species-rich habitats of the marine environment.

    In recent years, South Australia in the successful creation of the county, “China’s national ecological demonstration zone” in the efforts to establish international and domestic five types of nature reserves, built up over 60 km of ecological farming belt, strong proliferation of fishery resources and releasing conscientiously implement the ban on the crack down on electric fish, fried fish, and fish and other illegal activities, so that the county’s six year-round fishing and water quality of coastal waters met the Chinese national first class water quality standards, up to more than 7,000 kinds of marine species for the creation of a good gray dolphins, the marine environment suitable for survival, coupled with the South Australian coastal waters this summer has been a small cluster of fish, sea fish flood Wong-fat, and thus lead to gray dolphins frequently come to form a cluster in the large number of long duration rare sight.

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