Gourmet Food Tours ? Whetting the Appetite


Nothing epitomises the culinary arts better than Gourmet Food. Gourmet Foods are a cultural milestone when it comes to fine food and drink, and its appreciation is a passionate pursuit for those with a discerning palate and refined tastes.


When we think of Gourmet Food, we often associate it with the term ‘Epicurious’ – inspired by Epicurus, the 3rd Century BC Greek philosopher, who advocated the pursuit of pleasurable sensations in the search for ‘Good’.


In our search for the Gourmet Food experience, connoisseurs and enthusiasts seek out the best culinary experiences from across the globe; not just in food. The etymology of the word ‘Gourmet’ is from the French term for ‘wine taster’ – and wine tasting is certainly a key activity for those seeking sensory satisfaction.


Over the past decades, the explosion of celebrity cookery programmes has left audiences hungry to explore their foodie fantasies. The United Kingdom has led the charge; whether by the extravagant antics of Keith Floyd in the 1980’s (who certainly enjoyed a drop of good wine himself) right through to the blustering magic of Gordon Ramsay.


But when we think of British cuisine, what springs to mind? There’s a lot more to our culinary tastes than fish and chips or toad in the hole. It is telling that our most popular national dish comes from Indian food, and indeed every High Street is exploding with a variety of fares from Catalonian cooking to Nepalese delights.


The desire for variety in our modern diet originating from countries far and wide, has certainly whetted the appetite of the nation, and has been responsible for the huge growth in demand for Gourmet Food tours in the UK and across the world.


So what sort of adventures can the British Gourmet Food explorer embark upon? Let’s look at some fine examples you might expect to find on a Gourmet Food Tour:

Wine Tastings

Also known as wine circles, we can savour the complexities and character of all kinds of delightful sips. Whether it’s the blackcurrant and chocolate overtones of a good Cabernet Sauvignon, or the black cherry and peppery ghosts of a fine Zinfandel, there’s something for everyone.

Culinary Schools

Take a luxurious tour of a respected culinary school for that complete Gourmet Food experience, whether it’s to watch the art of preparation or to participate yourself, a tour of a special culinary school is bound to heighten your senses.


Market Strolls


As any good chef will tell you, the secret of a perfect plate begins with the quality of the raw ingredients. Tours of wonderful fruit, vegetable, meat and fish markets from Portobello to Padstow will leave you with armfuls of organic goodies, and the motivation to get creative in the kitchen.

Restaurant Events

For that ultimate Gourmet Food experience, everyone simply must visit a critically acclaimed restaurant. A popular event for the Gourmet Food Tour enthusiast, experiencing the ‘real meal’ can do things to your taste buds you never thought possible. From a Michelin starred monkfish, or quaffing offal in fine French style – there’s something for everyone.


If you’re concoctions are failing to impress, or you simply want to experience some of the finer things in life first hand, a Gourmet Food Tour should be on your menu.


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