How to Have Good Success With Redeye Bass Fishing

Redeye bass forms as the Shoal, Alabama, or Apalachicola bass. Apalachicola bass have dark spots about the tail base, which the fish is spotted in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. The Apalachicola River runs through Georgia, where Redeye Shoal may have got its name in this form. Redeye bass are aggressive species. Redeye bass will fight or jump hooks when captured.

Redeye bass are commonly known as “Flint River Smallmouth,” Coosa, or Shoal bass. One of the common fishes is the Alabama Redeye. The fish is famous for its caudal fins, red-tone dorsal and blue spots on the upper sides of its body. Redeye bass also have a blue-tone underneath, yet the fish colors vary, depending on where the fish is spotted.

Redeye bass are freshwater sunfish species, which come from the family of Micropterus Coosae. Redeye bass are spotted in Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, etc. Colorado and Michigan waters also house the bass. Redeye is distinguished for its red eyes. As well, Redeye bass are noted for the greenish or brownish sides that comprise vertical bars. Moreover, Redeye bass have gill covers that comprise dark spots, as well as a jaw line that extends near the rear eye. Its lateral bands are similar to that of the smallmouth bass.

The fish are often attracted to crayfish, worms, hellgrammites, minnows, minute spinners, minute surface lures, nymphs, and so on. Crayfish seems to be a popular lure for attracting Redeye, black bass, largemouth, smallmouth, and related bass. You will find Redeye bass along minute streams near headwaters, or areas where black bass will not appear. To find Redeye bass you can also look along the main-channels or areas where the water temperature is around 65 degrees.

Hitting the Records Redeye bass is recorded in the World Record book, in which the largest Redeye weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces. The fish was apprehended in Georgia at Flint River. Basic Length and Weight Common length of Redeye bass reach up to 8.9 inches in Alabama, and the Shoal reaches up to 21.5 inches. The standard weight is 5.5 at a length of 20 inches. The fish enjoy feasting on smaller fish, larval insects, crayfish, terrestrial insects, etc. Redeye bass often live up to 10 years. The common spawning habits start in spring. During spring Redeye, bass will spawn in 69 degrees water temperature, or 62 degrees. Contrasting the female guard, male Redeye bass guard the fry and eggs prior to fry.

If you are planning a fishing trip, go online to view the guides. Guides online will take you on tours around lakes where Redeye bass, largemouth, smallmouth, black bass, and related bass swim. Some people prefer to hunt a specific fish, and if you are one of these people, having a guide available can take you to the hot fishing spots. Now that you have an idea about Redeye bass, you may want to learn more about black bass, since these creatures may offer a surplus of catch whereas the Redeye bass may not provide you.

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