Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing for bass is an extremely popular sport, perhaps because it is often easy to find bass but at times can present a real challenge, even to a very experienced angler. Depending on the success of fishing trips at any given time, there are a number of bass fishing tips you can employ when the fish just aren’t biting to your satisfaction.

One of the best bass fishing tips you can follow is to simply be patient. When you go out with a guide, you’ll be taken to a hot spot that is teeming with your target catch right away, and this could mislead you into believing that bass fishing is easy. However, think about how long your guide has been angling and how much time was spent fishing the 3,000 acre lake you might be on to find that 30-yard coastal area of brush where the bass are thick and hungry. When you first trek out on your own, you may have researched a few hot spots through various reports or simply speaking to other fishermen, but these may not always be hot, and sometimes the fish may even be in the area and simply don’t feel like biting. In these instances, you’ll have to patiently move from one spot to another until you achieve success.

Many bass fishing tips center around the type of bait or lure to use. Rather than necessarily worrying as much about what type, you may want to consider more closely the size and color of your lure. For example, everyone who fishes for bass regularly will vary their type of lure between crankbaits, floaties, fly fishing, jigs, and several other kinds of baits. One doesn’t always have much advantage over another. However, by taking into account the size of the lures that others in a heavily fished area are casting, you can adjust the size of your lure to be different so that it catches more attention. Also, adjust the size of lure you cast to coincide with the size of the fish you are targeting. If you are casting for largemouth bass, obviously you’ll want a larger lure than with white bass that tend to be quite small by comparison. One other thing to take into consideration for size of the lure is the size of the typical forage in the area. If the baitfish are small, chances are you won’t catch much with a big bait.

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